How VoguePay’s Settlement Solution Is Helping Businesses in Zimbabwe To Thrive

How VoguePay’s Payment Solution Is Helping Businesses in Zimbabwe To Thrive

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Do you remember 2008?

That was the year that Zimbabwe was at the peak of its hyper-inflation. The country recorded over 500 billion percent inflation rate that left a black hole in the financial system and almost crushed the rest of the economy.

A lot of things have changed for Zimbabwe as the economy has improved significantly. One of the drivers of change is internet penetration. Since 2010, internet penetration in Zimbabwe has been growing steadily and stands at 46% penetration according to Internet World Stats. This growth has directly impacted every facet of the economy of the country.

The biggest impacts of this new digital landscape has resulted in emergence of key players across media, eCommerce, remittance, bill payments and so on. Despite other issues plaguing the country, there is a lot of evidence that Zimbabwe is ripe for eCommerce and digital technology growth given the passage of eCommerce bill by the government and other interesting tech developments.

Hence, as an enabler of payment across Africa, VoguePay is excited about these opportunities and believes it is time to connect businesses in Zimbabwe with Africa and the world at a scale via its innovative payment platform.

What Is VoguePay?

VoguePay is a leading online payment solutions that makes it easy to send and receive money across Africa.  it was launched in 2012 and has been used by more than 50,000 merchants globally.

VoguePay’s unique payment solution allows business owners to receive payment for goods and services as well as peer-to-peer transactions using a secured wallet system. In addition to accepting payment, VoguePay has a suite of tools and integrations for business, all available for free.

Here are 4 ways that VoguePay can help businesses in Zimbabwe (or any country. We currently serve merchants across Africa, North America, Europe and Asia)


Using our secured wallet system, VoguePay users can send payment to each other. The two parties need to have VoguePay accounts and the recipient can easily withdraw the money to their local bank account. Here is a simple guide to withdraw money on VoguePay.

Also, when paying for goods or services, our solution lets you raise a withdrawal on behalf of the receiver. VoguePay’s solution seamlessly collects, transfers and remits payments– in currencies including Naira, Euro, USD and Pound Sterling – from websites and from back end offices, with enhanced protocols to ensure highly secure and trusted transactions for your business and your clientèle.

Accept Payment for goods and services:

VoguePay allows users to accept payment in several ways with or without a website. A user can simply request payment with a link that can be sent to Facebook, email or SMS to the creditor. If you have website, you can take advantage of over 20 VoguePay’s modules and plugins to integrate with your existing website framework.

In addition, asides the settlement solution we offer to our clients, there are other benefits of using VoguePay like:

  • Flexible account management and inventory control system via a management dashboard that gives you access to your balances and transactions,
  • Ability to track and audit all transactions and communications,
  • Automation of withdrawals to your bank account and batch payments to multiple recipients (fan be used for salary disbursement etc.)
  • See more services and use cases for schools.

Connect With Global Market

To improve sales, you need to sell beyond the local market. VoguePay’s cross-currency trading functionalities allow you to sell to buyers in their currencies while the payment is remitted to you in your local currency. This feature can be enabled for you on request.

You can integrate VoguePay for free on your website and enjoying the convenience of sending and receiving payment securely.

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