VoguePay’s CEO outranked other fintech CEOs

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

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This means that the data can be trusted.

Owler released its Q3 CEO Report for 2017. It showed our CEO, Michael Simeon leading in its competitive set in the payment category.

In the payment category, VoguePay was ranked alongside other players like Flutterwave, Wepay, Paystack and Interswitch, Stripe etc.  It is on this “set” that the CEOs of the companies are ranked.

Commenting on this Q3 CEO report, our CEO said he is happy to be the highest ranking leader among his competitive set, but he was quick to add that he would rather not think of it as an achievement.

So far, VoguePay has helped more than 50,000 merchants send and receive payment globally. Our CEO believes that the journey has just begun.

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