1. I love voguepay so much, I use to sell my downloadable products online via my website. Thanks, voguepay you are the best payment gateway I have ever used in Nigeria as a small business owner.

  2. Geoacrom

    What’s voguepay and how does it work?(2) how can I use it to receive payment from customers using my bulksms?(3) How many days interval will the fund stays with u before coming to my account? (4) Can I personally have a control over it without asking or begging u to do one thing or the other later on it?(5) what if I am a novice on the web or internet? Then how can I use it or take control of it?(6) how much is yours and mines % ? (7)

    1. admin

      Hello Geoacrom, thank you for your questions.

      VoguePay is a leading online payment that helps you send and receive payments.

      You can easily integrate VoguePay to accept payment on your bulkSMS sites. Kindly provide more details and we can assist you with configuration.

      We have a fund maturity period of 48hours and we have made it easy for you to automate your withdrawal to your specified bank account.

      this guidelines will be helpful.

      Our fee is 1.5% + N30 for transactions above N2500. More details about our fees here.

      Thank you for your enquiries.

  3. Buchi

    1.Can wire cash direct to my account using vogue pay from America?
    2. If yes, what are the steps and the exchange rate for a dollar. Thank you

    1. admin

      Yes you can send money abroad using VoguePay. Unfortunately we cannot predetermine the conversion rate as this is subject to the exchange rate. Whenever you want to carry out this transaction, you may contact the support on support@voguepay.com.

      Am happy to let you know that we are building a dashboard that will show you exchange rate of transactions real time. It will be launched soon.

  4. Yes Vogue-pay has come to stay it is better use by Africans the world at large No dull moment a replacement to 2chechout and possibly PayPal

  5. Lawal Adeshina

    Hi vogue Team, I registered on vogue but it’s unfortunate I couldn’t use it to perform the primary assignment i registered it for. Kindly assist.

    1. admin

      We are sorry to hear that you have not been using your VoguePay account. Please let us know how we can help you put it to use. If you have specific challenge, please mail us at support@voguepay.com

  6. but we the voguepay subscribers want to be receiving monies from our clients via bank counters (teller desk) may be using a specific code generated from the VP processor platform.

    I think you dont have such feature for now?

  7. Wisdom

    Great African products. What is mode of payment for my business creation verification.
    Wanted to pay but can’t see the way to pay it.

  8. I am still searching for the option to enable international payment and different card on the new version of voguepay. unlike previous version

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