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(PCI DSS) – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard begins with you

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)

Few hours ago, we had our tool box meeting, where the Technical Department shared some thoughts on (PCI DSS) – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

The discourse was narrowed down to our individual security.

Here are some tips shared during the session:

1. Always log out from your PC when you are not on seat, to avoid information theft especially if you store your passwords on your browser.

2. Do not use your names or nicknames as passwords.

3. Endeavor to set passwords with at least 8 characters which should be composed of Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers, and special characters.


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4. Reset or change all your passwords every 3 months.

5. Do not click phishing links sent to your inbox as it may contain Java Scripts that can download other information from your PC

6. Use good antivirus to protect your PC from malware and viruses.

7. PC’s with Linux OS are safer because of extra processes required to gain admin access.

Finally, with all these measures in place, security is more about you. ” A code is as safe and secure as the code writer ”

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