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  1. Tolu

    Please, I tried log in even after resetting password. I still get the invalid username and password error

    1. admin

      Sorry for the inconveniences, you can use your email in place of username with the correct password. Hope this helps. Thank you.

  2. Very good and informative write up. thank you.
    Can i start collecting money on my website using VoguePay even without adding fund to the account

    1. admin

      You can start collecting money on your website without adding money to your account. However, it is important that you have to verifiy your account to enable you fulfill our KYC requirement and make withdrawals.

  3. Hai sir..pls kindly to help.Am peter mahendra.Iam Indian.How to fund add my account and how much amount maintainace my bank account.Pls try to help me sir

    1. admin

      Yes. You can use any of the two methods provided you have the document required.

  4. Nel

    Hello, I’m Nelson. I’m new on VoguePay, so I want to find out some things.
    1, how can I set up a payment link, cause I tried but it’s wasn’t valid.
    2, do I have to own a website to set up the payment link
    3, can I use the payment link to receive payment on facebook.

    1. admin

      Hello Neil.

      VoguePay will help you to achieve all the above. Here is a simple guide on setting up a payment link

      Please note that you don’t need a website to use payment link. The voguepay payment link you generate can be used on any social media platform, email, SMS or WhatsApp. When your customer click your payment link, it launches a payment page where they can easily send payment to you.

  5. Cynthia J. Paul

    Very informative, yet please, can I be able to receive funds via my voguepay account pending my verification? I am currently working on my CAC certificate, so before I receive it, can I integrate the link to my website?

    1. admin

      Yes Cynthia, you can proceed to accept payment with VoguePay. We would expect that you complete your business verification before you can make withdrawal request.

      Thank you for using VoguePay

  6. I request for bulk SMS unit of 1000,you remove the money and did not send the unit for me,and I receives GT bank alart. please may I kwon the problem?

    1. admin

      Hi Ardo, please provide us with your transaction details so we can ascertain if the payment was successful from our side. Kindly email with your transaction details.

      Also note that the SMS unit you purchased will be credited to you by the provider, not VoguePay. Thank you.

  7. Tosin Komolafe

    Hello Admin,
    Pls how do i go about getting a merchant ID from vogue pay

  8. Please how do I change the look of my payment page and how do I make users complete payment on my website

    1. admin

      Hello Dera, you will be able to do that soon on VoguePay.

  9. Javed

    hello Admin
    i am not finding VoguePay android sdk for Payment integration
    please help me How To Integrate “VoguePay” in Android

    1. admin

      We are yet to publish SDK for mobile. As soon as it is LIVE, we will announce it.

    1. admin

      Hi Samie, I check the link (your profile URL) and it is going fine. If you still encounter the error, please send a mail to You can also include screenshot.

      What I noticed is that you enabled only the VISA gateway. This is because you are on a personal account. You will not be able to take payment from mastercard and verve cards which command more than 80% of transactions in Nigeria. I will advise you the followinf steps:

      1. Upgrade your account to a business account. Here is how to.
      2. Verify your business account. Start now.


  10. Hi,
    I am currently in college and still living in my fathers house. Thus the utility bill required here is not in my name. will i still be able to apply and verify my account?

    1. admin

      Hello Marc, Yes you can. You can use the utility bill to verify your VoguePay account if the address corresponds with the address you have on your VoguePay account.

      Hope this is helpful?

  11. Hello Good.
    I want to change my account from personal to Business account. I want to follow the second method.

    Please how many days will it take to do that after submitting all the requirements.

    1. admin

      Happy new year Haruna, to change your account from personal to business account, please send an email to to request account upgrade. It will be approved immediately.

      To verify your account, please follow the steps in the guide (it takes less than 48 hours to verify the documents you submitted for verification)

      We look forward to help you send and receive payment easily

  12. Akinsola

    Am Akinsola, my account as not been activated after had made payment, had sent message to support link with proof of payment, what can I do next? Can I resend it again or still wait for my approver? Thank admin.

    1. admin

      Hi Adesola,
      New accounts are activated as soon as our review team validates all the information you provided us. Please note that you do not need to resend the information, however, you can send us an email on to follow up on progress.

  13. Thompson

    Please I need your help, I have tried setting up Vogue pay Personal Account but I can’t complete the process, the requested for a change in password and now as I tried changing the password the are not accepting it. Please can you help me out because i need it urgently for online payment.

    1. admin

      Hi Thompson. A quick tip is that when resetting your password, the new password must contain at least (1) one numeric value i.e 0-9, (2) one uppercase letter (3) one lower case letter (4) one special character ]

      I have written for you a detailed guide on how to change your password on VoguePay.

  14. Please does this mean we have to fund business accounts and also verify documents? And what documents are needed because my business is a unverified business so how do I go about that

  15. FAWOLE olumuyiwa

    I couldn’t set up vogue account, it says to choose a network which I don’t understand… I searched through and didn’t see anything like that

    1. admin

      Hi Muyiwa, the error you saw is quite unusual.

      For you to register new accounts on VoguePay, you can choose either personal or business account

      account selection on VoguePay

      Below is a short (50 seconds) video tutorial on how to create a VoguePay account:

  16. Olumaiyegun Juwon

    How do I verify my phone number?
    I tried funding my account with my verve card, but ni way

    1. admin

      To verify your phone number, please check account settings in your dashboard. You can fund your account with verve card. Please ensure your card is enabled for internet transaction, to do this, you will need to visit your bank.

  17. I am a developer and am trying to integrate Voguepay gateway into ECWID online store. My main challenge is how it will accept customer order total cost for customer to make payment.
    Please, how possible is that?


    I have been trying unsuccessfully to credit my wallet from my account via verve please kindly help. It gives an error unable to transfer.

    1. admin

      Apologies for the inconveniences. Is your card enabled for online payment?

  19. Jerzy Swiderski

    I have given a 10-digit US telephone number and it appears that it is not verified. I’ve definitely got a good number. (312) 315 xxx3

  20. Ife

    This process is broken, I can’t verify my account, I’m getting, an unable to process form data error

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Ife, kindly screenshot the error message and post it here.

  21. micknat

    I can’t do any transaction. Every time I try I get the message: Operation failed. Telephone number not verified

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Mickna, Thank you for signing up. Kindly provide the email you used to sign up your account to enable us verify your account from our end, thank you.

  22. Damian

    How can i veryfy my phone number on my personal account?

  23. You people are creating stress for me I have fix kyc, na force to get websites I have products I want to sell for my clients. You people check my websites

  24. Festus Ekhator

    Please, what is the meaning of voguepay email? Is it the same as mrechant ID?

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Isah, Kindly contact our technical team on skype (username: voguepay-technical) for assistance.

    1. admin

      Hello Isaac, Thank you for your interest in VoguePay. We need to know the nature of your business to answer you correctly. Please send an email to inorder for us to guide you on the onboarding process on VoguePay. Thank you

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