What is notification URL and how do I enable it on VoguePay?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2018)



When your customers perform transactions on your website, it is important to let them know the status of that transaction as well as let them know the next thing to do in order to access what they paid for. Also, in case where the transaction failed, it is good to communicate this as well.

On VoguePay, you can send these two types of notifications. To do this, you need to create specific pages you want your users to be directed to. They are called Notification pages.

Depending on the outcome of the transaction, VoguePay will communicate the status of the transaction which will trigger the appropriate notification page to be displayed to your users.

The standard notification response for transactions on VoguePay are:

1. Success notification (URL): This is the URL you want to send users to when transaction is returned as successful. You can choose where this page directs to. For digital products, this could be the product access page

2. Failure notification (URL): This is the URL you want to send users to when transaction is returned as failed.

1.. Set up a default Notification URL.

You can set a default notification URL that applies to all products or services you are offering.

  • Firstly, you need to create the notification pages on your website and copy the website URL.
  • Login to your VoguePay account and click on “account setting“. Go to the “Notifications” setting
  • Fill the notifications URLs you desire and also enable notification API (set it to YES).


Please note that if you leave the notification URL boxes empty, your customers won’t get specific information or be notified of the status of the transaction. They will simply be redirected to your website.

 2. Set up notification URL for specific transactions.

You can also choose to set up specific notification pages per transaction during the process of creating payment donation buttons and payment links. Please note that whatever URL you insert here will override your default notification URLs.

3. Set up payment notification as a developer.

As a developer, you can set up your script to receive XML notifications from our system regarding the status of the transactions. More details in the documentation notes (requires login)


Also note that you can query more information regarding each transaction using the notification/order process API info.

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  1. Johnpaul

    Hello, I noticed a few things when integrating payment in sandbox mode.
    1. In demo mode, using the redirect integration option generates the following error message – “OPPS!!! We could not locate any records for the provided “Merchant ID”. Kindly log into your account and confirm the Merchant ID on your dashboard.”
    2. In demo mode,using the inline integration method does not call the url in the ‘notify_url’ field.
    I have read through the documentation on your site and haven’t really seen any solution.
    Are these features only available when in live production?

    1. admin

      Hey John, the demo account has the full functionalities with live account. Cases could have been an instance of bugs which we have fixed. Kindly test account and share your feedbacks with us.

      If issue persist, please send a mail to support@voguepay.com.

      Our goal is to give you the best experience, please get in touch. Thank you.

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