Develop Plugins and Earn Money (30% commission)

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)


One of the unique features of VoguePay is that merchants have access to free tools (plugins, modules and extensions).

These tools make it easy for non-developers to easily set up online payment without worrying about paying huge sum of money to independent developers to build custom solutions for them.

Our goal for developing this plugins is for VoguePay merchants to be able to receive payment online with appropriate plugin or extension that works with their website framework. Currently, VoguePay has more than 20 ready-to-use integrations (You can access them here)

Third-party developers can also develop plugins or extensions for VoguePay, and earn money as a result. Developer earn 30% commission. 

(Already, some developers are developing plugins for VoguePay like Anthony Ogundipe, Ayo Ojosipe, Tunbosun Ayinla and several others)

How To Develop Plugins And Extensions For VoguePay

  • Simply identify an extension that is not available in our library.
  • Proceed to develop the plugin or module following relevant development standards. Also, ensure your developer code is inserted into the plugin or extension you developed. See this guide on generating developer code.

  • After developing and hosting the plugin (we recommend hosting your files on GitHub or any public repositories), you can send the link to us.
  • We will include it  in the official plugin library. When a VoguePay user downloads the plugin, they will be re-directed to where your hosted the plugin. This way you can know how many downloads it receives.

When your plugin, module or extension is used on any website , you will automatically earn 30% commission on any successful transaction.

NOTE: In a case where a website developer that used the plugin you developed integrates another developer code or affiliate ID, the referral commission will NOT be awarded to you. You are advised to “lock down” your developer code so it can’t be over-ruled. However, we have noticed that most users leave the setting in default, so the commission will be credited to you.

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