Adeleke Ojikutu shares VoguePay’s #TechVantage Chronicles

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2019)


In 2012, Adeleke Ojikutu was not really happy that his mobile marketing and bulk SMS website could not integrate with an efficient local and international payment gateway. He knew that fixing this problem will increase sales for his own business as well as others who have the same challenge. So, he decided to do something about it.

This led to launching VoguePay. And the rest is history.

Today, VoguePay is used by more than 100,000 global merchants to send and receive payments all over the world. In recognition of its leadership in payment solution, the company was featured on the cover of the latest edition of the Spark Magazine by BusinessDay. 

The 44-paged magazine did a full coverage on VoguePay and the company’s directors, namely Michael Simeon (CEO), Ojikutu Adeleke (CTO), Geoffrey Weli-Wosu (legal) and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega (CBDO).

the spark magazine


What really is TechVantage?

According to the organizers, it means, “a condition of gaining an edge with technology in your business, profession or education” 


At VoguePay, we believe one of the biggest tech advantages any business can get is automating their payments. 

That’s why we offer different multiple payment checkout options for different industries like eCommerce, online businesses and even offer robust online payment solution for forex companies

In addition to core payment, we also offer a suite of business and analytics solution that enables entrepreneurs to fully digitize their operation and understand it better, all for free.

The launch party…..

The magazine launch party was lit.

It was a combination of networking sessions and fireside chats with VoguePay leadership. 

The hangout attracted several CEOs, co-founders, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from various industries and all walks of life. It was the perfect opportunity for VoguePay team to meet other guests, new clients, potential partners, and old friends.

Leke Ojikutu took the floor to share our story that got the audience to clap in ovation.

He narrated how VoguePay fuelled its growth by bootstrapping to millions in transactions without raising external investment. Within 4 years, the company now has operations in Nigeria, Uk, Bahrain, and Estonia with a regulatory by the central bank of Bahrain for developing innovative payment solution to the MENA region.

Voguepay's chairman

In his words:

“We pride ourselves as a startup in Nigeria who have grown organically without foreign investors. Our passion is seeing the need to create opportunities for local talents to grow and export their skills  abroad while making a living”

“In these past 7 years, we have learned quite a lot, from managing people to helping them develop their skills, from being a tech company, learning the business aspect of Tech, which has helped us build a company that will outlive us”.

He also added that VoguePay will soon be evolving from payments service provider to a digital bank which will be launched soon

After him, other speakers and tech leaders at the event shared with the audience from their wealth of experience. Some of them included Tayo Bamiduro, CEO of Max (a mobility startup), Tosin Eniolorunda (CEO, TeamApt), Japhet Omojuwa (CEO, Alpha Reach) and several others. 

Here are some of the scenes at the event.

the Spark magazine launch

the Spark magazine launch


(A big thank you to the editorial and management team of Spark)

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