Meet the sleek and powerful VoguePay 3.0

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)





Thank you so much for sharing your feedbacks with us. As a way of saying thank you for choosing VoguePay, we are happy to announce that we have reviewed our fund maturity period accordingly.

For Naira transactions, you will no longer have to wait for 48 hours for funds to mature in your wallet. You can now withdraw funds to your bank account 24 hours after transactions, otherwise known as T+1. Also, for transactions in currencies like US Dollars, Euro, GBP, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings and South African Rands, we have reviewed maturity period from 7 days to 5 days (T+5) based on popular demands. Be reminded to configure auto-withdrawal for your account if you want your transactions to be settled to your bank account instantly, upon maturity.


These new changes will start reflecting in your VoguePay account as soon as you are live on the new VoguePay 3.0 platform.


P.S: The migration of accounts to the new platform is taking place in phases to ensure that it is seamless for all merchants. Don’t be surprised to wake up and see the new platform live for your business.  So, get ready to login to your brand new account with your existing VoguePay account details and be assured that your account information are intact.


Hurray! I am excited to let you know that VoguePay 3.0 is going live on Monday 5th February, 2018.

VoguePay 3 is our updated payment gateway that is 3 times more powerful and more “beautiful” than its predecessor. With this new platform, it is easier to send and receive payments, and the user experience has been simplified to improve revenue generation for merchants.

Meet VoguePay 3.0

The journey to VoguePay 3.0 started several months ago, when we sent out a survey to ask our users what they want in the new VoguePay. Their feedbacks, as well as our internal research led us to focus on 3 key areas.

(1) Increase payment collection options

(2) improve transaction success rates

(3) Develop more business tools and internal dashboards that are free to use.

In addition to core product functionalities, we redesigned the whole user experience to offer unique payment experience for global audience. This also aligns with the biggest feedback we got from our merchants.

Here is a peek of what is inside….

A section of the new dashboard (the navigations have been simplified for easy access)


So, what’s changing and what’s new?

Actually, a lot is changing, below are few of them:

  1. You can now open a VoguePay account by selecting any country as your “home country”. As a result, you will be able to withdraw money to your bank account in default currencies of the country of your choice while your customers can pay you in any currency.
  2. We now support multiple ways of accepting payment like bitcoin, card funding, QR code, direct debit and cash payments etc.
  3. We did a major overhaul to improve the merchant dashboard with actionable insight for your business.
  4. By default, you can now accept one-time or subscription billings and automate your payment collections. And there are so many more….

I understand that you are looking forward to this, but may possibly have concerns if this new development might result to “killing” some incredible features of VoguePay 2.

This is a good time to address that concern.


What should you be concerned about?

First, let me answer possible concerns and assure you that the process of migrating to the new VoguePay 3 platform will be seamless. However, here are few concerns I want to address.

  • When exactly will the new payment gateway be available to users? The new payment gateway will go live on 5th February, 2018. This means that we will migrate all merchants from the old website to a new one.
  • Will I lose any of my data, my money or have to change my password when VoguePay 3.0 launches? The migration to the new platform is seamless and it will not affect information stored in our database. That means that your password, account setting, wallet balance are all safe. You don’t have to do anything to protect your data.  
  • What exactly is changing? We completely changed the architecture of the old VoguePay in order to improve efficiency. This addressed issues like database timeouts and current inefficiencies of VoguePay 2. Most of the these things are under the hood and do not affect what you see. What you might notice is that we have redesigned the user experience.
  • Will it be difficult to navigate VoguePay 3.0 ?  Obviously, we moved things around a lot with the new design. But navigations are easier than before, even, if you have any troubles, you can easily refer to the tooltips and functional guides on our support center blog.


  • What should you do if things don’t work as expected? Migrating to a new platform is usually a complex process, but we have in-house experts who are working round the clock to ensure there is minimum impact to your business. However, there could be some cases of downtime (which will be minimal) during the process. We will send you more information so you know what to expect and how to be prepared. After the migration, if you have specific issues with you account, please use any of the channels below to get in touch with us:






What the press is saying about the new VoguePay 3.0

There have been a lot of positive feedbacks to the new platform, including from leading publications like BusinessDay, Guardian and Punch newspapers as well as several other online publications. In their coverage, BusinessDay hailed VoguePay 3 as digital multi-currency payment platform and comments on how this new gateway is strategic to the growth of small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.

This is the beginning of the future

The entire team of VoguePay is super-excited about this new platform and can’t wait to see how it improves the revenue of our merchants.

Even though we are barely 1 month into 2018, we have recorded other significant feats which will be announced soon, like our collaboration with International Police (INTERPOL) as well as our invitation to join the international acceleration programme of one of the leading accelerators in Silicon Valley that have the likes of PayPal, DropBox and LendingCo in its community. 

That means that there are more exciting days ahead. Let’s make the journey together.




  1. These are ground breaking changes and I say well done.
    Is there a reduction in the 48 hour waiting period for funds to ‘mature’ ? because the competition sends funds the very next day for free.
    This is a major concern for SMEs.
    Once again well done with VoguePay 3.0

    1. admin

      Hello Alexander, thank you so much. We appreciate your feedback on fund maturity and will do our best to make it competitive.

      Please note that fund maturity was a buyer protection policy which was designed to ensure both sellers and buyers are happy with transaction done before releasing funds to merchant. Our team is reviewing the 48-hour fund maturity period and will publish more details soon.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much. We are launching on 5th February. Please, let us know about your experience when launched. Thank you.

  2. This is the biggest news of the era. If my woocomerce shop can actually accept payment in us dollars for us customer. I would be wowed. Thanks guys.

    1. admin

      Hello David, thanks for sharing the excitement with us. You can now set up your account to receive payment in USD or other international currencies with VoguePay. The good thing is that the payment collection experience has also be redefined; customers will no longer be redirected from your website to complete transactions.

      1. Did you just say customers will no longer be redirected from my website to complete transactions? And that I can receive payments in other currencies?

  3. This is a very nice improvement. But you guys still lack one important tool and thats:
    SDKS for android, java, swift, etc just like flutterwave and paystack. Once this libraries are created for each platforms, voguepay will be more accepted and used by developers.

    I really need to use those libraries, so you guys should quickly include that. I dont like using webview to display payments in my app.

    1. admin

      Hello Celestine.

      Thank you for the feedbacks. It is really important to hear from you about what you want. I can assure you that the libraries will be implemented soon. Hope you’ll give the new platform a spin when it is live?

  4. This is a good news for me and entire crew of As we are planning towards the launch of our ebook and a seamless payment options for international users.. Please also work on your 48 hours waiting period for fund to mature..

  5. I now have a good reason to come back to VoguePay. Meanwhile, you guys really need to provide SDKs for Android, Cordova, IOS, etc… ASAP because these other payment gateways in Nigeria like Ravepay and Paystack are not smiling at all. Lol, they are very serious competitors. Keep up the good work….

    1. admin

      We are excited to have you back too. All SDKs will be delivered soon.

  6. I think I’ll be willing to try you guys now, since you’re implementing international payment options.

    Wishing the trial will worth it.

  7. Congrats on the upgrade. Did you also add the option of payments using communication recharge cards.. I think that will be a HUGE step forward.
    Congrats again.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much Nu El. Recharge card funding will be available as soon as we conclude arrangement with the regulator.

  8. For clarity sake, does it mean that customers can now be charged directly from their bank account without inputting card details? Also, the CommandApi and Server-2-Server API, will they still work as usual?

    1. admin

      Hello Samuel,

      Direct bank debit (Bank payment) is one of the options we are launching soon. The API payment options are still working fine.

  9. What about integrating this into one’s website, especially the recurring payment? How do these options bottons get displayed on one’s website?

    1. admin

      You can integrate VoguePay to your platform using our free integration or via our API. It is super easy. here is a detailed guide

  10. Precious

    Would i need to reinstall the platform on my website when it goes live?
    Also kindly work on the funds maturity… Other platforms pay the next day.

    1. admin

      Hello precious, the good news is that you don’t have to reinstall anything as the new VoguePay is compatible with your current installations.

  11. Honestly I cant wait for voguepay to launch this, despite the errors and deficiencies voguepay has been helpful for my business, I cant wait to start accepting payments from my clients all over the world..

    Voguepay rocks!

  12. Awesome am I cant wait to see it, am excited already, so what about developer’s, CMS modules /extensions for our websites will there be new ones? Or the old ones will automatically Go with all these?

    1. admin

      The good news is that existing plugins work with the new VoguePay, so you don’t have to make any changes right away. We also have plans to improve the experiences ofthe plugins.

      1. Okay but I just tried and my plugins are no longer working, it gives an error message..i use drupal -ubercart

  13. I just read the most important and exciting tech news in the history of my entire life. These are exciting changes.

  14. The only reason I no longer use vogue pay is because of that 48 hour maturity for funds. If is to protect fraud there are other means to tackle that and not the work of vogue pay the only thing vogue pay needs to do is to supply the customers identity to security agencies if the need arises . I can’t sell a product or render a service and be waiting for 48 hours before I use the fund to continue my business. Its suppose to be instant even if the charges is a bit higher. Check out quickteller, immediately you make payment it will reflect in your bank account why they collect their own charges instantly too. Voguepay needs to upgrade in that area first before any other upgrade.

    1. Na Quickteller dont pay instantly, but 24 hrs, they have to protect themself Or are you those client who want to use 3rd party card Lucky?

    2. admin

      Chief Lucky, thank you for this feedback on fund maturity. We are reviewing the fund maturity model to something you will like. Please watch out.

    3. Don’t forget that Quickteller is owned by Interswitch (The game setter). You don’t use them for comparison when it comes to a payment processor. VoguePay charge you only when you make sales which you can also pass the charge to your customer while Interswitch as a payment processor will charge you #150,000 per year which is NO GO AREA FOR SMEs.

      For the point you are making, it will be fine if it’s reduced to 24hrs. Hence, we should not forget the fact that PayPal holds a seller’s fund for 21days before releasing it, except you’ve reached some Verification/standard in sales.

      My point: If possible, REDUCE the number of hours to 12hrs for maturity and less than 6hrs for withdrawal

      1. admin

        Thank you for this feedback. We have reviewed our fund maturity period to 24 hours. This means you get your funds faster that before.

        Please see the update to the post. Thank you.

    4. admin

      Hello Chief Lucky, please note that fund maturity was a buyer protection policy which was designed to ensure both sellers and buyers are happy with transaction done before releasing funds to merchant. Our team is reviewing the 48-hour fund maturity period and will publish more details soon

      1. I’ll also love to drop a feedback on the affliate program , most of us promote voguepay, get users to sign-up and make transactions and the only way we get tracked is via a referral code?.
        I definitely think you can do better than that.
        Most users don’t want to get on with the stress of typing a referral code when signing up.
        Infact most users avoid forms at all cost.
        isn’t there a way to track sign-ups and conversions via the affiliate link?.

        1. admin

          Thank you for this recommendation. We are happy to work on this as part of proposed “developerfest” coming up. Thank you.

  15. Congrats. I love the appearance of this new version especially the “add merchant store” feature because i have 3 different websites and don’t need to create separate Voguepay Merchant accounts for each one. I’m also impressed with the multiple currencies because online is a global market and should be treated as one. The main reason of bringing ones business online is to reach out to potential customers beyond ones community, environment, street, town, city, state, village, country, etc. I hope the feature to send and receive money from other e-payment platform like paypal, paga, etc., is also included in this new version?

  16. Wow! I feel this is a wonderful development from Voguepay and please hope we will get more advanced API and better payment integration? The withdrawal to bank too should be work on too.


    1. admin

      Thank you so much. Consider all requests granted. We are super excited to release something that is changing the game of pnline payment

    2. admin

      Thank you so much. Consider all requests granted. We are super excited to release something that is changing the game of online payment

      1. tochi

        Hello pls i need your call center number…. I have a case to report

        1. admin

          Our support numbers are +2348170008003, +2348183749988 (Nigeria) and +44(0)2036683701, +44(0)7556637298 (UK). You can also send an email to

          We look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

  17. I love this new development. I have been thinking that there must be a way to integrate multi-currency gateway here in Nigeria. Thanks Voguepay for making this a reality. Am excited.


    1. admin

      Thank you. Our plugins and modules are compatible with the new gateway. We are making it easier to integrate with existing platforms that we support like WordPress, Joomla etc and we are creating new ones as well.

  19. The UI really need to be retouched. 2.0 looks outdated but with a lot of functions. I cannot wait to see what 3.0 will look like. Way to go VoguePay.

    1. admin

      Thank you Christopher, the new VoguePay is more robust and definitely more user friendly. We hope you’d love it too.

  20. Hi, I’m super excited to know that merchant can now receive payment in multiple currencies.

    I’m H2i member and My prospects are growing in Ghana and other African countries:

    1) Does your payment option include cedi (Ghana) , and other currencies across Africa?

    2) How can I integrate the payment option in my WordPress blog?

    Keep soaring!

      1. Viola ogbunude

        Thia sounds too gokd to be true. The last time you said you ciukd accept intl. Payments and before i could djnish integrating you ended the service. Ps how true is this?

  21. I was hoping to give Vogue pay a try in my platform. I think it goes a long way to boost customers confidence when payments are made online with a reputable payment system. But what’s all this talk about “maturity period” I am hearing about? I hope nobody is going to use this as an excuse to prevent a merchant that have rendered a service from receiving payment just because a dissatisfied customer complain of fraud.

    1. admin

      Hello Stevezuks, thank you for raising that question.

      Fund maturity was a buyer protection policy which was designed to ensure both sellers and buyers are happy with transaction done before releasing funds to merchant. Our team is reviewing the 48-hour fund maturity period and will publish more details soon. I will be excited to have you open a VoguePay account and start accepting payment with our new robust gateway.

  22. Hello,

    I congratulate the VoguePay team on the successful effort and I hope to have the Payment Gateway integrated on my website. But, I will like to know if I could be assigned to a tech person on the inside that can help set it up via API.


    1. admin


      Am happy to let you know that the new gateways will be available to you. Please send an email to so we can assist you to complete API integration with VoguePay.

  23. Congrats to the team. This is a welcomed development. Payments options increased. This is awesome and good news for merchants as well as our clients having variety of payment options. Bravo! guys

    1. admin

      Thank you so much Isaac. We believe the multiple payment options is good for merchants

  24. Ayo

    Could I pay in overseas online stores, like amazon and Aliexpress etc… and how much is the dollar to naira conversion

    1. admin

      Hello Ayo. Someday soon it will be possible to use VoguePay to pay on any online store. The VoguePay card is coming when we launch Africa’s first blockchain-powered digital bank.

      At the moment, you can make payment to any merchant that accepts payment through VoguePay (either local or international transactions)

  25. Nice improvements. I have concerns. The 48 hours period for funds maturity is too long. Also, whenever I request for withdrawal, it takes a lot of hours (sometimes up to 54 hours) before I receive it. It’s very frustrating.
    Make fund maturity 24 hours, and fund receiving time after withdrawal 1 hour. You can do it.
    Look into these and win my heart! Congrats!

    1. admin

      Thank you Frank,

      Your feedback on the fund maturity period will be implemented. It will be easier to withdraw your money on VoguePay.

      Please note that fund maturity was a buyer protection policy which was designed to ensure both sellers and buyers are happy with transaction done before releasing funds to merchant. Our team is reviewing the 48-hour fund maturity period and will publish more details soon

  26. @ Official Dillion

    I always believe ‘Team VoguePay’. I really wish more blessings to both the CEO & the team in general. Its not easy to do what you guys have done. There might be competition though, but the fact that you guy greatly support upcoming / unregistered businesses is a great “Unique Selling Point”.
    I wish i could get some shares in this company though. (Smiles).
    Keep Rocking On… Team VoguePay Rocks! Sound it!

    1. admin

      Thank you for the recommendation. We really appreciate your feedback.

  27. Pat

    Great. But I find it annoying that when I generate code for pay buttons, I can’t access it again unless I have to generate again….Is this fixed in the update?

    Secondly is PayPal among the international payment accepted now?

    1. admin

      Hello Pat,

      Please note that you can access the payment button you created already right from the dashboard. You also have the option to edit the button. Here is a guideline that shows more information on how VoguePay manages payment buttons.

      how to edit payment links and buttons

    1. admin

      Hello Olaolu, you can integrate VoguePay as a third-party option for your Shopify account using our payment links. See more information about payment links here.

  28. I’m dazed by the awesome development. Weldone! By the way, can the payment platform work on blogger blogspot?

  29. #SubscriptionBillings: I can’t wait to see how that is integrated. Does it means once bill is due payment is collect automatically? I need to know. This is a huge leap

  30. Hello Voguepay, its a nice step forward to see you reviewing/re-developing the current voguepay’s payment system to what is needed now.
    But please, remove the USD 1500 minimum withdrawal for business accounts. It’s not too ok. I should be able to withdraw my funds while you take your “Your processing charges”.

    1. admin

      Thank you for the feedbacks. The minimum withdrawal is pegged at 1500 USD because the cost of sending lower amount is high. We are happy to take a look.

      Thank you, Julius.

  31. Ken

    But it’s has if you haven’t added the one that you said customer can make payment without redirect the user to Voguepay website and the payment option by using ussd.

    1. admin

      All transactions are inline and no more redirects. The option to pay using USSD will soon be launched.

  32. Just when some persons started thinking otherwise, voguepay keeps getting better.

    I have been using voguepay for years with no single regrets.

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