VoguePay refreshes its payment experience; on its way to become Africa’s first blockchain-powered digital bank (press release)

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)


London, England and Lagos, Nigeria. 27th January, 2018 – VoguePay.com launched a multi-currency payment platform to enable businesses send and receive payment from local and international customers, allowing merchants to accept payment in dollars, euros, rands, cedis, naira and bitcoin payments.


VoguePay.com, a leading online payment aggregator in Nigeria launched its new platform (VoguePay 3.0) with focus on empowering businesses to improve their revenue collections. The new platform simplifies the way that medium and small scale businesses can send and receive payment from local and international customers as they can now sell to global audience.

At the press briefings held at the Lagos office, the CEO of VoguePay, Michael Femi Simeon announced that the new platform allows merchants to accept payment in US Dollars, Euro, GBP, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, South African Rands and bitcoin payments. This cross-currency payment gateway enables VoguePay to offer local businesses the capacity to facilitate cross-border transactions easily and securely in order to improve their revenues. Michael noted that over the years, the company has grown to become the fastest growing fintech company in West Africa that has not raised external funding while supporting more than 60,000 merchants across North Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Businesses using VoguePay can now enjoy competitive transaction fees while receiving payments from their customers through multiple channels like cash, card payment, direct bank transfers, QR codes and bitcoin. The new platform also ensures improved ecommerce transaction success rates and offer more business support tools. Leke Ojikutu, co-founder and Chief technology officer noted that existing VoguePay users don’t need to do anything as their account will be migrated to the new platform. He noted that security and safety of financial transactions are now improved 3 times, even as the company seeks to comply with PCI DSS certification which is a mark of trust by industry standards.

In his remarks, Wole Ogunlade, the company’s head of digital media and strategy noted that the new product is more intuitive to use as the company invested in designing an improved user experience for users and also increased the channels for users to pay on its multi-currency platform.

The chief operations officer of VoguePay, Quam Ojikutu added that in additional to allowing merchants to receive payment from anyone globally, VoguePay has the right partnerships to onboard merchants from different countries and remit payments to them in their preferred currencies  like euro, dollar, rands, cedi, naira and bitcoin depending on the country they opened their account. He further added that  the launch of the new platform is part of an overall strategy to launch Africa’s first blockchain-powered digital bank by Q2, 2018. He noted that with the digital bank, VoguePay infrastructure will be suited to serve the needs of the diasporas. Mohammed Ibrahim Jega, the company’s head of business development, Africa also hinted that the company has secured a slot as one of the first Nigerian companies to join the international acceleration programme of one of Silicon Valley’s leading accelerators that have the likes of PayPal, DropBox and LendingCo in its community.

To register a free account on VoguePay, please visit : https://voguepay.com/

Press Contact:

Wole Ogunlade

Head, Digital Media and Strategy,


+234 818 975 5231


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  1. Adams Paul

    hello… how can I activate other payment options on the new platform pls help…..

    1. admin

      Hello Adam, the payment options you have depends on your account type. Business account owners can accept all card types.

      Kindly confirm your account type. Thank you.

  2. I like to have more options and more competition cause that means lower fees. The problem is that many times these companies don´t have some options for my country,

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