An m-Voting platform for students elections on campus

I spent all night learning android – Sunday, Uchenna, first runner up, VoguePay/NACOSS Software Hackathon 2018

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2018)



VoguePay is the official sponsor of the National Association of Computer Science students. The student body that boasts of more than 300,000 students offering computer science related course across universities, polytechnics, colleges of education in Nigeria.

As part of our corporate social responsibilities, VoguePay has a mission to discover, launch and support student software entrepreneurs that will grow local content and the develop Nigeria’s software industry. Each year, VoguePay/NACOSS hackathon wins go home with N100,000, N75,000 and N50,000 respectively while consolation prizes awarded to other contestants.

Here is the official press release of the 2018 VoguePay/NACOSS hackathon event.

The first runner up position went to a team of 2 developers from Ebonyi state university. The team was led by  Prince Sunday.

The project: An m-Voting platform for students elections on campus

The solution they presented was an election voting system using an app which replaces normal voting system which is ballot paper. It manages the entire process of collecting nomination form, screening of candidates and voting.

In this interview, they share what motivated them to join the software hackathon sessions, their excitements and future ambitions.

Congratulations! Your team came up as the first runner up, how did it feel when you found out?

Sunday- I felt on top of the world when I was called as the first runner in the competition because I never thought I would be among the winners.  I never thought we will take the second position, the best i had in mind was 3rd place.

Andrew- truly speaking it was unexpected, it was like a joke to me. I was so flabbergasted when we were called.


Can you briefly tell us about yourself and what your entry was about?

Sunday- My name is Sunday, Prince Uchenna Ozoemena. I’m from Abia state. Currently, a final year student of computer science from Ebonyi state university. I happened to be the NACOSS president of EBSU chapter and was former campus director of Hult Prize foundation.

Andrew- I am Ugama Andrew Ebili. A recent graduate of ebonyi state university. I am currently developing myself personally in programing but i am pretty good at hardware and software maintenance. One thing about me is that I believe I can do anything I set my mind to accomplish especially now that technology has made the world a small community.


Where did the inspiration for the web/app solution you created come from?

Sunday- My inspiration came during my six months industrial training at Desyweb technologies where I was taught by my instructor on how to program in Android studio. I caught the fire and fell in love with android programming.

I spent all night learning android until my instructor asked me to come up with an app. I chose the app and with support of my teammate, Andrew Ugama we developed it and  emerged as the first runner up in the competition.

Andrew- The application we exhibited was actually an inspiration my colleague had at his place of SIWES attachment. My little contribution was in its analysis.


What were the main challenges you faced during the creative process?

Sunday- Our challenges include power failures,  I hardly have light in my area to program at night.  Also, there were distractions from my political life as I happened to be a president of NACOSS EBSU chapter. I had to stay awake for most nights for 2 weeks in order to dedicate time to complete this project to my expectations.

Andrew- Speaking from my sense of programming and software development i have undergone so far,  the major challenge we mostly face are as follows:

  • Finance to enable proper research to fully develop the system to standard.
  • Divided attention. We had personal needs that we need to provide for.
  • Mentorship (someone that will guard and enhance the vision).
  • Lack of technical know-how


What was most valuable thing you learnt during the process?

Sunday- The most valuable thing about going through this process was that I was transformed in the course of getting my app in, I learnt what my instructor didn’t tell me during teaching.

Andrew- Everything concerning the process was valuable both my failure and success, because they both improved and added value to my life.


Which developers have influenced your work?

Sunday- My instructor is a developer. His name is Nduaguibe Stanley. His my mentor and my instructor. He made me what I’m today in area of programming.

Andrew- The person who greatly influenced the work is Mr. Nduaguibe Stanley who tutored my colleague at his place of SIWES attachment.


What tips would you give other developers thinking of entering the VoguePay/NACOSS competition next year?

Sunday- They should believe in themselves before going into the competition, because everything is possible for those that believes. I’m a witness and it has worked for me.

Secondly, they should look for something new to do, not doing copy and paste.  They should look for what is not in existence and create it.

Thirdly, they should know that the journey of thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes, if they really want to exhibit during the next year software exhibition, they have to start on time so that their work can be done on time to avoid rush hour.


Andrew-  All I have to tell other developers is to keep working and improving. A little advancement in the tech solution world will keep you relevant all the days of your life.

I am believe so much in doing system analysis before developing solutions. My advice to developers is to stop programing without a vision.

What is killing most tech startups is that they fail to do proper analysis and understand what they set out to do before developing it. As a result, they are frustrated and discouraged.


What are you hoping to do next?

Sunday- By God’s grace I’m looking forward building a better android app in the future. I might not necessarily say everything here but I look forward to be the real winner in next year’s software exhibition.

Andrew- Am currently looking at Nigerian educational system and how to enhance and improve students learning, teachers and lecturers teaching in our secondary and higher institution.


Anything else you want to say? (Is there any advice you would give to young developers)

Sunday- I’m ever grateful to God and VoguePay for sponsoring NACOSS national convention every year. During the last Nacoss software exhibition, I told a VoguePay staff I met at the competition that I would love to work with VoguePay after my graduation, so I’m looking forward to work at VoguePay in future.

My additional advice to other developers is that they should never give up in their dreams, even if they contest and didn’t win, they shouldn’t give up but keep pushing until something happens.

Andrew- I want to sincerely appreciate voguepay for their encouragement and support to improve our tech solution. God bless you all at voguepay, Thanks


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