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He had interest in Nursing, but he is now a Tech Geek.

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)


VoguePay is the official sponsor of the National Association of Computer Science students. The student body that boasts of more than 300,000 students offering computer science related course across universities, polytechnics, colleges of education in Nigeria.

As part of our corporate social responsibilities, VoguePay has a mission to discover, launch and support student software entrepreneurs that will grow local content and the develop Nigeria’s software industry. Each year, VoguePay/NACOSS hackathon wins go home with N100,000, N75,000 and N50,000 respectively while consolation prizes awarded to other contestants.

Here is the official press release of the 2018 VoguePay/NACOSS hackathon event.

The second runner up position goes to Owolabi Abiodun of the university of Jos.

The project: A smart communication aid for deaf and dumb people.

A smart communication aid that uses micro controller to process gestures to text form. The project will enable persons hearing disabilities to communicate better in the society, because it is sad for most people with these disabilities to relate and pass information to others community.

In this interview, they share what motivated him to join the software hackathon sessions, his excitements and future ambitions.

Congratulations! You came up as the second runner up, how did it feel when you found out?

I felt happy when I found out I was the second runner-up.


Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

I applied for Nursing Science during my UTME but when I found out that I was offered Computer Science, I was so disappointed. But with zeal and persistence I fell in love with technology and today I’m grateful to be in the computer science department of the University of Jos. I can say that I am a tech geek.


Where did the inspiration for the web/app solution you created come from?

My inspiration came from a senior colleague of mine when he was trying to communicate with the other members of the tech community.


What were the main challenges you faced during the creative process?

At the time, I had limited resources to execute the project most especially limited time.


What was the most valuable thing you learned during the process?

I found joy doing this even though the resources were limited, but I still enjoy it.


Which developers have influenced your work?

My senior colleague and my supervisor have influenced me with their words of encouragement.


What tips would you give other developers thinking of entering the competition next year?

I will advise them to exhibit a complete or almost complete project.


What are you hoping to do next?

I’m hoping to do a lot but resources are most need to get my kits, most of my project focus now is computer vision.


Anything else you want to say? (Is there any advice you would give to young developers)

I seriously appreciate you for your kind gestures, I will make sure my friends know about VoguePay and their services, I will encourage your developers not to give up because everything revolves around us.


We own the world. Thank you.

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