VoguePay Declines Risks from Illegal businesses

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)

VoguePay in an email has communicated to its merchants that in accordance with guidelines from the Card scheme networks, she will no longer harbour  unregistestered and unlicensed merchants.

This new standard was decided on by VoguePay management to follow the guidelines of the card scheme network and to avoid financial risks of harbouring such unlicensed merchants. VoguePay has before now had to bear the financial risks and liabilities of such merchants which has further prompted her to ensure all her operating clients are licensed or can provide a legal opinion to back their businesses.

All unlicensed merchants seeking withdrawal must also provide a legal opinion or license to unsuspend their accounts. We deeply appreciate all merchants who have complied to this new standards, and those who have commenced the process also.

We appreciate all valued merchants at VoguePay.  

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