VoguePay ranked among Top 20 startups in Nigeria by StartupRanking.com

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2016)

In a recent tweet, Startup Ranking announced that VoguePay is one of the top 30 startups in Nigeria.

Actually, based on their ranking algorithm, as at 29th October, 2016 VoguePay is ranked as Number 1,019 globally and locally as the 18th most relevant startup in Nigeria.

Startup Ranking score reflects the importance of a startup on the internet and its social influence. It is calculated based on SR Web and SR Social  which are determined by a number of factors as explained here.


Startup Ranking also compiles ranking according to country where you get to know the top ranking companies per country.

In itself, this ranking does not imply the financial worthiness of the listed companies. However, for VoguePay, a leading online payment services provider, this recognition is an indication that users find our website and social media presence useful.

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If you don’t have a VoguePay account yet? Sign up here.

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