5 Lessons we learnt from our CEO’s interview with the author of Disrupting Africa on PowerFM 98.7

Michael Simeon, the co-founder and CEO of VoguePay had an exclusive chat with PowerFM; a leading South Africa online radio where he addressed key issues on online payment, cyber security and the role that VoguePay is playing to connect small businesses in Africa with a global audience.

Free Social Media Listening Tools to Grow Your Business

What is social media listening? It is a process through which persons or businesses monitor conversations on digital media platforms in order to identify and assess what their audience and competitors are talking about them or the industry. It is called ‘listening’ but it is more of tracking. It is […]

How Startups Can Survive Deadly Sting of Cash on Deliivery

How Startups Can Survive Deadly Sting of Cash on Deliivery

Cash on Delivery as a payment option, is it a blessing or a curse? On the surface, Cash on Delivery is a payment option. From another angle, it is an incentive. Startups use it as a form of assurance mechanism that buyers get utmost value for their money. That is, […]

How To Avoid Fraud in Online Payment

The world is becoming more ‘E’ on a daily basis. There is a place for almost, if not all, every type, size and form of business on the Internet today. The future is bright really. Evolving technologies in web and App development are using algorithms and codes to teach business […]

How Office Sharing Can Save Money for Startups

How Office Sharing Can Save Money for Startups

Why do I need office sharing? Businesses in early stage always look into how to spend less to achieve more. Leveraging on number is what many startups and SMEs are yet to fully tap into. There are lot of burdens that startups can share with other businesses in order to […]

VoguePay, Your Secure Payment Processor

. I would not know how many people feel this hot sensation that travels down the spine when you are told that funds have been sent to you but after four days, all the alerts you get are promos from your network providers. Expecting funds for a long time could […]

How Buying and Selling Online Has Emerged

‘In 1996, the first known and documented version of a PPC was included in a web directory called Planet Oasis. This was a desktop application featuring links to informational and commercial web sites, and it was developed by Ark Interface II, a division of Packard Bell NEC Computers.’ – Wikipedia. Innovation creates […]