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5 Reasons why you should use VoguePay – Online Payment Solution for your school

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2018)

Whenever schools are ready to resume from vacation, both parents and school authorities are concerned about one thing: school payments.

While parents ponder how to raise and pay the money, school authorities want to ensure there are no defaulters. For both audience, VoguePay offers a payment infrastructure for payment and collection of fees.


school online payment solution
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The good news is that, with VoguePay, parents have a better payment option from the comfort of their homes or offices. They don’t have to queue up at bank halls or at account units in schools, waiting to pay fees for their wards. Also, schools have an easy way to collect fees and reduce cash handling errors and fraud.

The solution makes school payment easy for schools, students and guardians.

Parents can save up to 75% of the time spent manually processing payments by choosing to use VoguePay’s school online payment solution.


In this post we will highlight 5 Reasons why you should use VoguePay’s online payment solution for your school

1.  Makes it easy to pay school fees online –

With VoguePay, schools can set up tuition payments and take the hassle out of billing and collections for students and parents. With this simple payment solution, schools can collect multiple dues while making it easy for students to pay school fees in a secured and seamless manner.

voguepay school online payment solution


  1.  Automated Invoicing – 

School administrators can now skip the process of sending payment demand (invoice) to parents and waiting for them to make payment to the bank and worrying about how to reconcile transaction. Instead, they can generate invoice and send it to parents electronically via email.


school online payment solution


When the invoice is paid, our system automatically generates a receipt for the transaction.  This makes it easy for book keeping for school accountants. They can also export the transaction logs to their favourite accounting tools.

Want to give this a trial? Learn how to use our invoicing tool


  1. Sell digital resources with automate delivery

Do you know that you can sell and deliver digital educational products and downloadable course materials through VoguePay?

Resources like softwares, PINs, scratch cards and materials behind paywall can be delivered through our payment gateway. This enables your institution to deliver resources at a very low cost. You can completely set up the payment and delivery of the digital items on our platform and be guaranteed that only people who have paid will be able to have access. 

In this guide, we explained in details how to sell and automate delivery of digital schools products using VoguePay.

  1.  Payment Transparency

Finance is one of the major causes of mistrust in schools and it is easy to hide the figures if there is no transparency in how money is collected. VoguePay eliminates that.

With webview, you can foster accountability and transparency by allowing relevant stakeholders to see transaction flow. And you do not need to give away the password to the account. Another use case is that your school accountant can easily carry out audit and payment tracking without having access to manager’s account.

You can set up 2 types of webviews. To get started, use this guide to create webview on VoguePay

  1. Work with a team that understand the tech side of online school payment solutions.

We know that accepting payment by cash is the norm, BUT, let your school stand out by making it easy for parents, guardians and students to pay online. This will make a lot of difference.

For example, many guardians are already paying online for first-class travels, hotels and businesses trips. When they can pay online for school fees, they will easily associate your school brand with other first-class services they have paid for online.

Even though many schools want to adopt online payment, the biggest concern is deciding on the best payment gateway and how to reconcile their books. With VoguePay, you are in good hands because we understand the tech side of payment and we will help you achieve this goal.

Our website is filled with resources from how to get started, to how to verify your VoguePay account and so on. Much more than this, our team of customer support will help you to hit the ground running.



We know that parents love the ease of online payments.  The good news is that we have worked with a multiple of schools to get their payment systems up to speed. We invite you to join them

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