VoguePay’s Director of Business in Africa had a chat that trended on Twitter.

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

S6Startup is a business “twitdocacy” (Twitter-chat advocacy) platform for sharing untold stories weekly. For their 89th edition, they chose to interview VoguePay’s Director of Business Development for Africa, Mr. Mohammed Jega.

Couple of weeks before that, Mr. Jega had been privileged to sit as a panelist at the Federal Government of Nigeria’s sponsored #AsoVillaDemoDay event. The event was the federal government’s commitment to the startup community in Nigeria. Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance at the event.

Mo (as we fondly call him) got to meet with Mark.

The s6startup chat focused on “the impact of the visit of Mark Zuckerberg and “The VoguePay way”  according to the press release published on their official partner’s blog.

The twitter chat lasted for over 2 hours with the hashtag #VoguePayWay trending in Nigeria for the period of the interview. Mo’ responded to over 10 questions from the host, Ayowole and other participants on the show.


You can read highlights of the interview from the curated tweets here or dive to read the whole interview on Twitter

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