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Free Online Payment for Religious Organizations

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)

Religious Institutions like any other organizations need solutions to payment issues.

Gone are the days of passing baskets around during religious meeting. To stay relevant in the ever-growing population of tech-savvy people, religious institutions are gradually embracing technology. For example, people can now access their Bibles, Qurans, Hymn Books, Hadiths and other religious items on their laptops, smartphones and iPads.

Again, more religious institutions are adopting new options to raise fund, communicate with their faithful and engage in commerce.  They are building platforms (websites, fora and social networks) that make it easy for financial inclusion of their members.

Tithes, Offerings, Pledges and other Donations

Tithe is an important part of giving for Christians; this can now be paid to the church’s account, online.  As this is a recurrent giving, churches can advise their members to automate this giving. Churches can also receive funds for projects, pledges, offerings and special donations by asking their members to pay online.


Online stores

Religious organizations can set up fully functional websites or app where users can buy. This can be for sale of books or voucher codes to access pay-walled contents like digital versions of Church magazines, CD tapes and videos of sermons and many other souvenirs can now be bought on their web portal.

online store


With the rise of mobile apps, churches can now deliver their devotionals, Hymn verses, tracts and other materials through mobile app and PC applications. One of such apps is iOpenHeavens, a devotional app owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It is a paid app that requires android users to pay for a PIN via VoguePay in order to access the content.

Apart from applications from churches, there are some independent religious applications developed by various developers for users like Hadith of the Day, Muslim pro app, Holy Bible app, Orbit Islam app, Hymnal apps etc.


VoguePay offers a secure platform for online payment. Some of the unique features for this market audience include:

Split Payment – A good use case is when a church that is affiliated to a Headquarters needs to remit certain amount of money monthly, this solution helps to make that happen automatically with a detailed accounting record so that you can focus on more important things.

Multiple Store – You can easily use this set up to allocate your revenue to separate sub-accounts for accounting purposes.

iOpen Heavens

Webview – The primary account holders can grant “view only” access without sharing their account details with third-parties. This will help in auditing process, and real-time transaction tracking by third-party, thereby fostering transparency.

Business Support – VoguePay provides dedicated support to ensure smooth operations of all accounts. Our highly professional and dedicated customer support and technical staffs will ensure you always get the help you need, right when you need it most.

All VoguePay integration above is available for every account and opening a VoguePay account is free. We support transactions in both local and international currencies.


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