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How can I be sure VoguePay is not a scam (What reviews should I believe ?)

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2018)


Right from the time VoguePay was launched in 2012 till now, we have had to deal with inquiries from users asking if our online payment gateway is right for them.

Here is one of such (barely 5 months after we launched).



So, as a business that now serves more than 80,000 businesses globally, VoguePay takes user reviews seriously.

We understand that these reviews represent the voices of customers across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. As a result, we know firsthand what the impact of a single negative review can have on our business.

Because of this, we invest highly in giving each user the best payment experience, that is secure and easy. So far, we are proud that VoguePay has received a lot of amazing positive reviews.

For example, we have a rating of 4.4/5 out of 147 reviews on Facebook. Our Google profile ratings is 4.2 out of 5 startBy industry standards, this means we are in top 5%. 


Is VoguePay getting good reviews from past customers ?

Based on human nature, users are often motivated to leave negative reviews more than positive ones.

Yet, VoguePay seems to beat the odds. We have more positive reviews than bad ones. You might have even come across some of them while researching if VoguePay is the best platform to use to accept or send to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So let’s address those negative reviews and find out why they happened.

Firstly. Let’s own up. Sometimes, it is just our fault.

While this rarely happens, a bug in our system or one of our 3rd-party partners letting us down has led to negative reviews in the past. When this happened, we fixed the issues quickly and own up to the blame. But most of the negative reviews are due to one thing: miscommunication.

Often times, customers leave bad reviews when they do not understand how some features works or do not know the right channel to escalate any issue they may be facing. This could be because they didn’t pay attention to previous communication we shared with them or did not take advantage of the knowledge base we designed to resolve the issue.


For example, let’s look at business verification process.

Some merchants complain that after making payment for business verification, their account was not activated. This can be misunderstood to be that VoguePay is fraudulent platform to swindle merchants of their money.

But the real issue is that the business owner did not meet our KYC benchmark which in turn exposes our platform to risk and potential fines by regulator. As a result we can only advise the merchant to comply. 

We catered for this in our knowledge base already, but we understand that some users might not understand the process in detail. As a result, we upgraded the knowledge base on how to verify their account on VoguePay. In addition to this, we now send new users onboarding emails to show how to get it done.


Journey from 1-star to 5-star review (A real life case study)

Here is a classic example.

Kathi (real name) had used our payment gateway to pay a vendor for a product.

Unfortunately, the client failed to deliver.

Because Kathi was not aware of VoguePay’s buyer protection policy, she resorted to calling VoguePay a scam and left a scathing review on Trustpilot.


We understood this was a communication problem.

The first step we took was to communicate how the process for reviewing such transactions work on VoguePay and followed up with her multiple times until the issue was resolved.

A few days later, Kathi updated her 1-star review to a 5-star review for VoguePay.

We are so happy to have Kathi back on our side 🙂

Here is the link to her  updated review.

Are you still considering if VoguePay is a scam or true….?

Are you considering the option to use VoguePay to accept payment globally?

If yes, I invite you to join over 80,000 businesses using us already.

You can use VoguePay to send payment to anyone with a personal account or create a business account to power your entire business. We have created several guidelines to guide you along the way. You might want to start with how to get started on VoguePay.

In case you need additional support before you get started, here are the best ways to reach us.

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