Payment Aggregators

Payment Aggregators (PSPs)

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2019)


The world of payment is still fragmented. This is due in part to card types and payment regulations in different parts of the world. 

For example, mobile wallet is prevalent in some regions whereas it can be different for another market. As a result, payment service providers and aggregators that support multiple payment channels can offer one-stop-shop for payment needs of their merchants.

How VoguePay works with PSPs

VoguePay works with PSPs to give them additional capabilities to expand their footprints globally. Our whitelabel solution offers PSP the option to (1) customize the payment experience to their own branding  (2) decide how much they want to charge their users.

This means that your merchants will not even know that you are using VoguePay. The full payment back-end is on VoguePay, but, the PSPs can fully customize the experience that is displayed.

Here is an example of a test whitelabel website. Feel free to complete a demo transaction with the test details provided.

Below are the benefits that PSPs get:

  • Custom checkout experience:

You can fully customize the payment experience. This means your customers do not need you are using VoguePay to process their payment.

  • Customize pricing.

You can decide the amount to charge as a transaction fee when they use our payment gateway. VoguePay offers you a fixed transaction rate but gives you the option to charge your customer additional rate.

  • Disbursement/settlement 

 You get settled for all transactions in T+5 days.  

  • Accept multi-currency payment.

Increase the number of currency and card type that you can accept from.

  • 3D card transactions.

Accept payment on our secure 3D card terminal.  This means you can record more successful transactions.

Need white-label payment gateway ? Here’s how to get started on VoguePay

STEP 1: Read our guidelines of connecting your PSP to VoguePay .

STEP 2: Get assistance to setup up your account and integrate API. You can Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.

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