Online Payment Solution for Schools

Online Payment Solution for Schools

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

Report shows that schools are adopting online payment solutions to manage their fees. This means that you can easily manage collection of school fees and other tuition fees with simple payment solution customized for schools and educational institutions.

However, many solutions in the market are costly and beyond the reach of many schools operators in Nigeria. That is why we launched “VoguePay for Schools”;  a simple solution that is cost-effective and user-friendly for schools. The platform will enable schools to improve school fees collections as it offers students and guardians convenient options of making payment online.

The bottom line is that an easier school fees collection system will have impact on the school, parents and students.

VOGUEPAY FOR SCHOOL - How everyone benefits. Online payment solution for schools

Use Cases Of Online Payment Solution For Schools (Features of VoguePay)

There are several use cases for the solutions that Schools can take advantage of. Some of these include sale of PIN-related services (like scratch cards for exams), hosting digital paywall to downloadable materials before students can access them and also for collection of tuition fees.

Our solution comes pre-bundled with a lot of features including;

  • Webview: This enables the main administrator to share access to transaction information with other team members without divulging the password to the account. Webview also improves accountability and transparency of the account.
  • Business analytics tools: These tools enable the account owner to get real-time insights about fees collections and channels of payment.
  • Easy Payment Link generation: Schools can easily generate payment request links and send to students or their guardians. VoguePay also has a suite of plugin to make integrating with any framework that the website of the school is built with. Check a list of supported extensions and plugins here.
  • Easy payment allocations: Administrators can easily allocate tuition payments for intended purposes with merchant store and split function features.
  • Secured gateway: Transactions on VoguePay platform go through secure channel. This confidence ensure that there are no report of fraudulent transactions on your account.
  • Business Support – VoguePay provides dedicated support to ensure smooth operations of all accounts. Our highly professional and dedicated customer support and technical staffs will ensure you always get the help you need, right when you need it most.

There are several integrated payment processing capabilities built into “VoguePay for Schools” , that enables institutions to set up tuition payments and take the hassle out of billing and collections, among other things. This has allowed parents or guardians to pay school fees in a secured and seamless manner.

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