How to sell downloadable or PIN-related products on WordPress sites using VoguePay.

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2018)


The product management module of VoguePay allows you to setup sales of digital products on your site.

We covered this in detailed in this post.

To make it easier, we have developed PIN dispenser plugin which easily integrates with your wordpress website.


The first step is to download the  VoguePay PIN dispenser plugin. Upload it to your plugin directory and activate it.



After downloading the plugins, install it in the plugin directory on your website. (If you have not installed a plugin before, this guide will help),

When it is activated, you will be able to see the plugin among other installed plugins.

plugin downloadable


To start selling downloadable PIN products, you simply go to setting in your wordpress dashboard.

  • Click settings and click on the VoguePay Pin Dispenser
  • Enter your Merchant ID and click on update settings


  • NOTE: Your merchant ID can be seen on the left hand side of your VoguePay dashboard.

Now your VoguePay PIN dispensal is now fully set up and you can start using it to sell digital downloads.



The Voguepay PIN dispenser plugin is not independent; it fetches data from the product code you created with the product management module. That means that you need to have created the product information in your VoguePay account.

For this example, here is a product category created in our VoguePay account.

  • Copy the Product code and keep it (you will need it later)
  • Create a new post or page in wordpress. (This is going to be where you will display the product).
  • To insert your product code, note that the format for the product is [voguepay item=”scratch card” code=”8979770h6j6j67″]
  • Replace the “scratch card” with your item name and the code with Product code as obtained from the product category.


The draft post page looks like this:

products africa

  • Publish the post so that your users can buy using your link. When published, this is how the page looks.


Buyers will be redirected to a secured payment page powered by Voguepay to pay for the product. Your buyers can use any means of payment activated on your account to make payment.

On successful payment, buyers get the product immediately.



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  1. Oge

    VouguePay, you guys are superb and creative. I run a mobile phone blog and have been looking for tips on how to automate my PIN business before I saw this useful tips.
    But my question is, is this feature available to everyone not business account only?

    1. admin

      Thanks for getting in touch sir,

      The PIN feature is available to all accounts (personal or business) on VoguePay. However, business accounts provide you the opportunity to accept payment from VISA, MasterCard and wallet transactions (including privilege to be considered for International gateway). You can upgrade you account and perform business verification to enjoy these benefits.

      You will find these additional resources helpful:

  2. onoja Godday

    Voguepay has actioned my dream into reality as a programmer. One luv to voguepay team, u guys are great

    1. admin

      We are happy to hear that you can fulfil your dreams with our platform.

  3. onoja Godday

    The URL in first comment is wrong. Hello admin, u need to include this shopping cart API link: in developer menu as this will enable us to generate and gain access to SHOPPING CART and ADD TO CART BUTTON code. More grace to Voguepay

  4. admin

    Thank you.

    We will do our best to publicise this feature.

  5. Please Admin, I have a News website and this website has a sub domain, the sub domain is where i have hundreds of downloadable digital product, and it’s open for everyone to access no matter where you are in the world hence you’re subscribed member of the website, since subscription is not free. I need a payment gateway on the site. Someone recommended Voguepay to me, but i don’t know how to embed all this code to my site, I need help fast, I’m in Lagos Nigeria. Thanks

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