How do I withdraw my money from VoguePay to my Bank?

You can request payout of your matured funds to any bank account of your choice. If you have not added a Bank Account to your VoguePay account, you can follow this guideline to add one. After adding a Bank account, you will be able to initiate manual or auto withdrawal of money to your register bank.

For manual withdrawal, the process to withdraw funds is simple:

  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Select your bank details
  • Generate a security token to complete the withdrawal. The token will be sent to your registered email on VoguePay (Please note that TOKEN validity time is 30minutes)


You can also send money from your VoguePay wallet to another beneficiary. This option allows you to specify account number(s) you would like to withdraw to without having to save the account details on the system.

For seamless withdrawal :

  • Please first click on “Generate Token” before filling the web request form.

  • Kindly copy the TOKEN (either received by sms or email).

  • You might need to allow for 3 minutes for your balance to be updated and synchronized

  • Fill in the payment form,insert the TOKEN you have generated and submit the withdrawal request.

  • Don’t include currency signs or punctuation marks in the amount field. e.g. to withdraw a sum of twenty thousand dollar, $20,000 = wrong; 20000 = correct .

Here is an amateaur video of how to initiate withdrawal on VoguePay 

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    Can i use vogue payment to receive international transaction from paypal?

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