I integrated VoguePay on my website but it is only the VoguePay payment option that is available. Why is the card payment option not available?

The card payment option is not available because in the course of generating the PAYMENT BUTTON you filled the field for RECURRENT payment. Recurrent payment only works via the VoguePay environment. VoguePay does not have control on your customers’ card details, hence, the reason NO card option is found.

Enabling recurrent billing in your PAYMENT BUTTON has put a restriction on your customers that may want to pay with their cards. Please review your integration processes.

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  1. Is there a complete guide in form of documentation for the complete integration of voguepay on a website…..Ive downloaded the plugin for required for my ecommerce store but I have no idea wht to do next

  2. While I commend you on your beautiful work, I encourage you to find a solution that would enable the recurrent payments to be possible also through cards. Whatever is the reason for that restriction should be conquered.

  3. okere millicent

    Am trying to buy a slot but is not going true.the said error.how can l buy slot direct from my account

    1. admin

      Dear Millicent, can you provide screenshot. We are not clear about what the problem is.


  4. Ibukunoluwa

    I selected NO for the RECURRENT payment option, but notwithstanding the only payment channel made available is “Voguepay”, which is not quite acceptable for the purpose I intend to achieve. Can you please shed more light on how to activate other payment options especially the card payment.

  5. I can find other payment options order than visa.
    What do I do to have other payment options?

    1. admin

      Hi Jerry,
      Please note that your account on VoguePay is personal account, that is why you have access only to VISA gateway channel. To enable other gateways you have to upgrade your account from personal to business account. You can send a mail to support@voguepay.com for account upgrade request.

  6. Alex

    I just verified my business account today and i noticed the only payment option available is voguepay wallet even though I select NO for recurring payments. What could be the problem?

    1. admin

      Hi Alex, we apologise for this. It should have been resolved as it was a glitch.

  7. Amit Dixit

    I am not able to see card payment option in demo account.
    I want to test end to end before final integration.
    How can I do this? Please explain

    1. admin

      Hi Amit, we do not have an option to test card payment in demo account. I will advise you that you send payment to yourself using any amount to test this function.

  8. Sujoy

    I have create vogue personal payment gateway. But I have no option for card select. please give me suggestion

    1. admin

      Please verify your account. As a personal account, you can do phone verification http://voguepayblog.com/kb/how-do-i-verify-my-phone-number/

      But note that as a personal account, you can only accept payment from VISA cards and VoguePay wallet users. In case you want to accept payment from other card types like Mastercard, Verve etc, you need to upgrade to a business account. To do this simply send email to support@voguepay.com (See more instructions here http://voguepayblog.com/kb/can-i-upgrade-or-modify-a-personal-account-to-a-business-account/)

  9. i integrated Voguepay to my site, so far i will say the process is the easiest i have seen, the guys at VoguePay are genius, However after i integrated it, i noticed that it only provide option for Voguepay and VIsa, i know i enable these two in my API settings but was wondering why Mastercard option is not included. does it mean that VoguePay don’t accept Mastercard

    1. admin

      Hello Chinweuba,

      Happy to hear from you about how easy the integration was. As the article pointed out, the status of the account your applied for (personal account or unverified business account) is the reason why you do not have Mastercard payment option enabled.

      Please note that VoguePay processes payment for Mastercard, Verve cards and other card types. However, to have access to this, you need to have a business account and verify.
      1. f you VoguePay account is personal account, please send an email to support[at]voguepay.com to request for upgrade (it is free).

      2. Verify your business account by following any of the two methods recommended in this guideline

      We look forward to help you accept Mastercard payments

  10. Hi Vogue pay, i run a business membership with you and also the account has been verified but i get two kinds of error when i try to pay Online,
    1. Either “Prefix not found” or
    2. Error Order Status

    Please, i dont Know what to do Next as i have lost almost millions of Naira as a result of inability of the Online Payment to work.

    Please, a quick response will be appreciated

    1. admin

      Hello Timilehin,

      Sorry to hear about this, but it seems we need to dig deeper to know the real problem. I have sent an email to you to request additional information in order to solve this problem.

  11. Hello Voguepay. I think something is going wrong somewhere. My users keep on getting “Error Order Status” anytime they make donations even after properly integrating your payment on my website. Please how can i fix this?

    1. admin

      Sorry for the inconveniences, please send screenshots and your VoguePay ID to support@voguepay.com. We will like to take a look and advise properly.

      Thank you.

  12. Meshack

    I would like to know if i can use this system in Ghana.
    Also which banks do you work with so i can be credited to.
    I would Also like to know if your system supports VISA, MASTER CARD, DEBIT CARDS, CREDIT CARDS and all the rest.


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