How does your affiliate programme work?

You can register as an affiliate and generate additional revenue from VoguePay. Our affiliate programme works by giving you a percentage of the commission that VoguePay earns on transaction fees. That is our way of saying thank you for recommending us to other users.

Any merchant on VoguePay automatically has an affiliate link. When you are logged in, you can locate your affiliate link on the left-hand menu

This is the direct link to launch the Affiliate page

affiliate link banner


You can insert your affiliate link to any of your social media accounts and you can add it to your website using our affiliate banners. The banners can be customized and you can generate a custom HTML code that can be inserted to the backend of your website.


affiliate banner




Alternatively, you can provide your VoguePay registered username or email, to anyone you refer for them to insert this at the point of registration.

For any merchant referred through the above, you, as the referrer, are entitled to 10% of VoguePay’s commission on transactions of that merchant for 2 years.

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