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  1. Bassey John

    What’s the difference between a personal account and a business account. Can my clients do online payment with all cards with both ??

    1. admin

      A personal account can ONLY accept payment from other VoguePay users and VISA card. Your business account (verified) allows you to accept payment from every card as well as make you eligible to be considered for international payment gateway.

  2. okere samuel

    What is the difference between paypal and vogue. Can money be transferred between the two. When using paypal I am assured of money back in case of business limited expection from buyer whereby the buyer can make a claim. The opportunities using vogue pay how do they work.

    1. admin

      PayPal and VoguePay are both online payment gateways.

      1. At the moment, you cannot transfer money from PayPal to VoguePay

      2. VoguePay has a user protection policy. We implement a window called maturity period before funds in merchants’ wallet can be available for withdrawal. This way, we are sure that the buyer does not have a complaint regarding the services offered. We are also keen on dispute resolutions between merchants and their customers when such cases arise.

      3. VoguePay has several suites of features for businesses, NGO, institutions etc. You may check our developer tools to see how you can put VoguePay to use.

    1. admin

      Hi Chidera,

      You can change your account from personal to business. Send a mail to and we will take it up. Thank you for using VoguePay

  3. Musa

    For how long do you hold money before withdrawals, does that mean if I upload funds from my own bank account can be hold before I withdraw it’s the reason I am not using my former payment gateway. some payment gateway hold money for a very long time before allowing you to withdraw

  4. Nanc Mehta

    Voguepay payment gateway..
    I want to use it(Voguepay payment gateway) with Osclass Payments Pro plugins

  5. Emmanuel

    Pls I would like to know how IceCube works with voguepay account in processing my bitcoin transactions and what is the maximum transaction on personal account type.

    1. admin

      VoguePay enables you to make payment to your IceCube account using Naira payment.

      When your Naira payment is received, it will be converted to Dollar equivalent and credited to you Bitcoin acount. Please note that there is no transaction limit to how much can pay to your bitcoin account.

    1. admin

      Hello Paul, your blog is great.

      I am glad to let you know that, with personal account, you can receive payment from any VISA card and also users with VoguePay wallet. Simply create a payment link for them to pay.

      Because of the limited numbers of payment options available to personal account, you can opt to upgrade your account to business at any time by following this guideline.

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