How do I transfer funds to other VoguePay users?

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2018)


It is easy to send money to other VoguePay users via our wallet system.

You can send funds to other VoguePay users locally or it can be cross-currency transfer (i.e, a VoguePay user with Naira account can send money to another user in China while the recipient will receive the equivalent in his/her default currency).

To send money, sign in to your dashboard and click on “wallet transfer or simply go to “Payments” tab and click on “wallet to Wallet” services.

  • Provide the email or phone number of the recipient of the fund and supply other details of the transaction.
  • Click on “make transfer” to complete the payment. Fill in any other info as required in order to complete the transaction.


Please note that wallet transfer fee applies for such transactions.

  • For Naira transactions (Nigeria merchants)
    • Wallet funds transfer (Local transactions) is 1%
    • Wallet funds transfer(International) is 1.5% + ₦1,000
  • For non-Naira transactions
    • Wallet funds transfer (Local transactions) is 1.5%
    • Wallet funds transfer(International) is 1.5% + $5

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