How does the Split Function works

Split function is a feature on VoguePay that allows the sharing of payments in a real time fashion among different VoguePay users.

Split Function allows affiliate sales. This means that other VoguePay users could sell for you  and % commission allocated uniquely without any mixed up.

How do I create split function?

Step 1

Create a Store

  • Log in to your account,
  • Click on Menu > Business Solutions
  • Click Multiple Stores


  • Click Add New Merchant Store.

split store

Step 2

Create Merchant Split for the product(s).

That is the % quota/commission you want to give to the people based on the store you have created in Step 1 above

  • Click on Menu and Business Solutions
  • Click on Merchant Split
  • Create Beneficiary Split.

split merchant

  • On the New Merchant Split page, enter username of the VoguePay Merchant you want to share the split with. Please note that beneficiary MUST have a VoguePay account to receive the affiliate commission. Enter applicable percentage split. E.g. Entering 20 means 20%, 10 means 10%,etc
  • Click on “Select Split Store” and select the Merchant Store you created step 1above (the store where you want other VoguePay users to benefit from) .

Step 3:

There would be a need to generate either  Payment Link, Buy Now Button or Donation Button relative to the Merchant Store you created in 1 above . The plugins/tools to generate payment button are available at the Developers page.

Whenever any sales is made through the payment buttons generated in step 3 above by selecting the store name in step 1 in the required field  ,the beneficiary configured in step 2  would automatically receive his  % quota as configured by you in his VoguePay’s account.  Please note that you could add as many users you may want to be the beneficiary of the split.

1. For any merchant to be a beneficiary of the split he/she MUST have a VoguePay account.
2. You could configure unique store name and tie to one merchant with the attendant split % configured
3. You could configure unique store name and tie it to as many merchants as you may want with the attendant split % configured.

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