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    1. admin

      To retrieve your password, kindly follow the guide. If you encounter any challenge, kindly send a mail to using the email you used to register your VoguePay account.

  1. Interesting share!

    There is another good way of retrieving passwords if you are using Google Chrome. Just go to the google chrome settings and click on Advanced sync settings. Now you will find an option of Manage passwords, click on it and further it will show you a link, after clicking on this link, you can view all the passwords along with username and the website and app for which these passwords were used. You can read this blog ( ) also for better understanding of this trick.

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Queen, our system ensures that users create a very secure password. And this should include, capital letter, small letters, numbers, and special characters. Kindly try again to ensure that you get this right, thank you.

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