What is VoguePay’s refund policy?

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2018)



Refund policy is a protection program for buyers. This policy allows buyers to get back their money after a purchase has been made (but before the value/services is provided)

When we receive a refund/chargeback request, our first line of action is to mediate between customers and buyers. To do this successfully, we will request that the buyer provides us details of payment for which value was not provided or misrepresented by the merchant.

In a case where the merchant insists that he had delivered value that was paid for, we will request evidence of service delivery such as receipt/invoice in PDF format as to be able to block the refund/chargeback.

For merchants: Please note that VoguePay is obliged to honour reversal requests if merchant does not provide proof within agreed dates.

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