How payment service providers can add VoguePay as payment gateway

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2019)


Payment Service Providers can explore the full experience of VoguePay’s  whitelabel global payment solution. This makes it easier for them to support their existing local merchants that need global payment solutions. 

The whitelabel solution offers several benefits to participating PSP. This includes the option to customize the payment experience to their own branding as well as decide how much you want to charge your users.

PSP can explore our whitelabel solution in demo environment via our detailed  API documentationHowever, when they are ready to start accepting live transactions you need to request your account to be provisioned.

Am a PSP, how do we work together ?

Step 1: Create your free VoguePay business account.

Step 2: Provide KYC documents for verification. This includes personal identity, utility bill and business incorporation documents. 

Step 3:  Send an expression of interest to request your account to “go live” on our white label payment gateway.

Get assistance to setup white-label payment API. You can chat with us on Facebook.

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