Do you have a solution for PIN dispensing and Downloadable Products?

VoguePay has a solution for merchants who sells pin dispensing products and downloadable digital products.

On VoguePay, you can now sell your pin dispensing products like Recharge cards, Scratch cards and other products whereby PINs are required. You can also sell products that will be downloadable immediately after payment.

Here is a guide for WordPress Users.

This is a complete guide to Joomla Users.

For users without CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla, you can integrate VoguePay on your website to sell your Pin Dispensing Products directly.

  • Login to your VoguePay account
  • Click on Business Solution and Product management

product management tools

On the Merchant Product Management page, click to create product category


For downloadable Products, the seller is expected to supply the download link and submit. You can reset if the fields are not properly completed.


Please note that when composing an email message to be sent to the buyer, the parameter {{PRODUCT}} should be used to denote where the download link would appear OR where the pin codes  purchased would be displayed.


For Pin related products, the user click to upload pin. For Downloadable products, click on Get Code to generate the payment button on your website.

details PIN

create new pin

Once you insert download link for downloadable product and supply PINs for Pin related products, you can now click on get code to generate payment button which you can put anywhere on your website.




products africa




NOTE: You can also copy the code and paste it to a note pad file saved with html extension (i.e .html). When opened on the browser, it payment button will be available.


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