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  1. I have not activated DND service on my phone, I have checked again to be certain, still I am not getting sms verification code to my phone. I can’t make withdrawals, it appears my balance is being deducted. What’s happening?

    1. admin

      Your phone number has been activated based on records (an email has been sent to you with screenshot).

      Apology for the inconviniences.

  2. Hi,

    I am not receiving the code for phone number verification and my DND service is not activated. Please rectify

  3. I have not received the verification code and i don’t have DND activated on my line. Also, I am unable to add bank account or fund my account, the system keeps directing me back to the login page

    1. admin

      Hello Joseph, we are sad to hear that you can’t make payment. Please can we know why.

      if the error you noticed is like this, please reinitiate transaction.

  4. Philip

    I have tried making a transaction (pay money to dollar empire through voguepay for a training) but I can’t. I filled in all the neccesally details with my credit card but it’s still showing transaction failed.

    1. admin

      There could be several reasons why your transaction failed, like:

      1. Your card not enabled for internet banking: that means you have to go to your bank to activate your card.

      2. In other cases, you can send email to the seller who will query the transaction and notify you why the transaction fail. You can also send the transaction ID for prompt review.

      Here is a compilation of top reasons your transaction can return as failed

  5. ON

    I am not receiving the code for phone number verification and my DND service is not activated. I changed my number on my account.. Right now, my clients cannot send payment on my site, because the number is not verified.. I have sent an email to complain, but there is no response yet.

    1. admin

      Apology for the delayed response. We have made move to sort the issue.

      Also, kindly re-attempt the verification process again and call the support line (2348070080003), so we can send the code to you immediately. Thank you.

  6. Dan

    Im no getting the sms for phone number verification.. Please check it out

    1. admin

      In case you still can’t receive your phone verification code after deactivating DND, you can send an email to We will advise you on what to do.

  7. I did not receive sms code for withdrawal from my bet do I get this code I need my money back.i want to at least be sure I can redraw my money pls send me the sms code

  8. I tried to use an online application requiring my account but its saying I’ve not verified my number

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Akinlabi, kindly contact our support team on +2348170008003
      +2348183749988 to assist you in verifying your phone number. Thank you

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