Payment link shows “invalid link” when clicked

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)


if your payment page shows “invalid link” error, this might be due to the fact that you have deleted the payment link from your account. Please note once the link is deleted from your account, it will no longer be valid.

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  1. Momoh Loveth

    sir, I will like to make a report on my transaction. system refused to take me to the next stept where my payment ID can be copied. the system stopped immediately after the transaction was successful. @ (‘O’ level on the circle displayed) in which i was debited. This Payment ID was generated from the message sent to me by my bank (58bec579aeb3f) and i was unable to print my payment ID with it. will appreciate it if you can be of help.

  2. Charles

    Why cant i withdraw my money its showing invalid token to activate my account and withdraw

  3. Omah victory

    Sir why can’t I withdraw it is showing invalid token

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Omah, we apologize for the error, kindly try again but is the error persist, kindly send an email to requesting for manual withdrawal, thank you.

  4. sab2

    I want to purchase an item on a site secured by you, but I got that error message Transaction Failed. I did a mistake on the secure code but I reset it with my bank so it should work but I did several try and I’m blocked. Can you please help me !

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Allie, we are sorry for the inconvenience, can you please chat us up on Facebook messenger so that we can discuss this in detail.

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