How to create “dedicated” stores for the various products you sell

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

Let’s imagine that you want to sell multiple products and these individual products would have its own price.

To list these products on your website, you need to created stores for them on VoguePay. Stores enable you to monitor the performance of individual products.

To create multiple stores:

  • Login to your account >>>> Go to the “business solutions” on the Payment Services >>> click “ Add Merchant Store” button to create your stores

STEP 1: Click on Add merchant store.


STEP 2: Provide the details for the store name.

Add New Merchant Store Record by giving it a store name and set the status  to Active.


STEP 3: See store activities

On successful creation of your store, you will be able to see all the transaction on the store.


STEP 4: Generate payment button

After you have successfully created your store, the next step is to generate payment button to sell the items.  To help you get started, we published this detailed guide on how to generate different types of payment options on VoguePay. (Here is the guide)

NOTE: Ensure that you allocate the store to the payment link you are creating by updating the “Merchant store” field with the store detail you created.



STEP 5: Generate payment button and integrate to your site.

When you have set up payment for the item you want to sell (follow step 4 above), you can proceed to copy the payment button. Simply click on the button “Generate HTML code”. This is the code you will to your site.

View the image below of a client’s website that displays multiple payment fields on their site.


If you need assistance assistance integrating the payment button to your site, please see this guideline.




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