How to become a VoguePay merchant aggregator (Crypto, Forex and online gaming developers)

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)

We recently launched a new affiliate programme called merchant aggregators.

It is designed for developers and web development agencies that build applications and websites for industries in Forex, IPTV, gaming, online gambling, adult contents and so on.

When you join the programme, you will be able to make money by integrating VoguePay as a native payment gateway into any of the products or open-source applications you are building for some of our select categories. This include online gaming products, crypto, IPTV, forex and blockchain platforms. 

As a merchant aggregator, you can earn income for the lifetime of the customers, as long as they use VoguePay as their preferred gateway.

How much can you earn as aggregator ?

Aggregator earns a share of the transaction fee that merchants pay per successful transactions. 

The typical transaction fee for these businesses categories is 5%. Hence, an aggregator earns a minimum of 0.25% on this standard fee. In any case where clients pay higher transaction fee, the extra proceed is split on 50:50 basis.

How to participate as aggregator ?

If you are a developer or a web agency, it is simple to join the aggregator programme.

  1. Create a free business account on VoguePay.
  2. Communicate your interest to join the aggregator programme. (Send a mail to
  3. Sign merchant aggregate agreement.

After you account is profiled as an aggregator, you will be assigned a business specialist who will work with you.

The responsibility of the business specialist include:

  1. Providing assistance to help you setup a suspense account (this account is created specially to manage the transaction fee that is shared between VoguePay and you. It is remitted to you every month).
  2. As a relationship officer, the business specialist will assist your clients to verify their accounts and meet all requirements before their account can go live.

How can I introduce merchants to VoguePay as an aggregator ?

We believe you have existing relationship with the merchants you intend to introduce to VoguePay because you are possibly doing any of these already:

  • Helping them to develop their websites.
  • Developing or licensing the software application they use to power their business.
  • Working as in-house technical specialist.
  • Building open source applications or actively contributing to open-source programmes

If any of the above describe you, you can take advantage of this programme to create additional stream of income for yourself.

Below are how you can start making money

Step 1: Recommend VoguePay to them.

Let them know thy can use VoguePay as their default payment solution or an additional alternative.   In case you need to convince them, here are several reasons why VoguePay is good for them.

Step 2: Build VoguePay API into the solution

Your next step is to integrate VoguePay into the application you are building for your client. It is advisable that you integrate directly with our API (see documentation).

Step 3: Ask your merchant to create a voguepay account

Request that your merchant signup for a VoguePay account. The use their account information for the payment integration you built for them.

Step 4: Introduce merchant to us

Send us an introduction letter to configure merchant deposit rate (MDR) for the merchant. This is the amount the merchant will be charged per transaction.

Below is a sample message you can send:


Please meet [insert your merchant’s name]. The user is one of my merchants

Charge merchant MDR of [INSERT how much to charge]  per transaction.

Assist merchant to verify account and start accepting payment. 


[Insert your name]

After our team gets this detail, the business specialist assigned to you will providing all necessary assistance.

That’s all.

Want to join the aggregator programme ? You can Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.

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