Merchant aggregator programme (for non-developers) to earn money by referring blockchain, Crypto and Forex clients to VoguePay

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2019)



Are you active in the tech ecosystem or you have access to network of businesses who are ideal customers of VoguePay?

If you work with crypto, forex, international gaming companies you will benefit from our merchant aggregator programme to  make lifetime income by introducing new merchants to signup to VoguePay.

Who is this programme ideal for ?

  • Community manager of tech or innovation hubs
  • Speakers and trainers on forex, crypto and gaming systems.
  • Enthusiasts with valuable networks 
  • Consultant in the industry.

What this means is that you don’t have to be a developer or web agency to be part of this programme (even though that could be an advantage). However, for you to become a payment aggregator, it is best to have good knowledge how our payment solution works especially for Forex, crypto  and gaming businesses.

That is why before we accept you to the programme, we require you to send application to (introduce yourself and let’s know why we should consider you). Then, our team will send you our merchant aggregator agreements. After this, you can start sending clients and make money.

How much do you earn ?

Here is a breakdown.

You will earn a percentage of the actual transaction fee charged on each successful payments. The typical transaction fee for these businesses categories is 5%. Hence, an aggregator earns a minimum of 0.25% on this standard fee. In any case where clients pay higher transaction fee, the extra proceed is split on 50:50 basis.

Our payment system is transparent.

One of the questions I get from non-techy merchant aggregator is:

How am I sure I will receive commission on each transaction for the merchants I introduced ?

Here is a simple answer.

Our onboarding procedure takes care of this and you will be automatically configured to receive commission , real-time. After you account is profiled as an aggregator, you will be assigned a business specialist who will work with you.

The responsibility of the business specialist include:

  1. Providing assistance to help you setup a suspense account (this account is created specially to manage the transaction fee that is shared between VoguePay and you. It is remitted to you every month).
  2. As a relationship officer, the business specialist will assist your clients to verify their accounts and meet all requirements before their account can go live.

How to introduce more merchants to VoguePay (Here are some ideas for you)

  • Speak at events to raise awareness about VoguePay as a credible payment gateway. Share with them how they can leverage our suite of free plugins or API documentation to accept payment. You can follow up to assist them set up account and earn revenue on their transactions. This can be industry-specific events which is ideal for a community spokesperson, manager or speaker)
  • Promote VoguePay to your networks online. Nowadays there are so many online communities and forums focused on gamings, forex, cryptocurrency and so on. If you are active on such forums (Reddit, Quora etc) or on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Whatsapp, Line etc), you can share your expert knowledge and then follow up with those interesting in using VoguePay to accept payment.
  • Finally, as a consultant, you have the opportunity to recommend VoguePay to your clients based on the relationship you have with them.

Ensure that after the merchant you introduced has signed up, you send us the details (username and email) so that the account can be profiled to your merchant aggregator account. Simply send a message to the business specialist assigned to you.

Below is a sample message you can send:


Please meet [insert your merchant’s name]. The user is one of my merchants

Charge merchant MDR of [INSERT how much to charge]  per transaction.

Assist merchant to verify account and start accepting payment.


[Insert your name]

Want to join the aggregator programme ? You can talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.

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