How to sell downloadable or PIN-related products on Joomla sites using VoguePay.

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)


Voguepay PIN dispenser allows you to sell dispensable digital and downloadable product like scratch cards, e-books,videos etc through joomla website.  Our solution helps you to manage the payment and delivery of your digital or PIN products on auto-pilot.

Below are the important steps you need to take in order to sell your digital products via Joomla.

  • Set up VoguePay’s plugin for Joomla.

You need to download VoguePay’s Joomla plugin and install to your website.

  • Login to your VoguePay account
  • Go to integrations page to select Joomla installation. You will be directed to where the file is hosted on GitHub.
  • Download the file to your computer and upload it to your Joomla website as an extension

  • After installing the plugin to your Joomla website, proceed to activate it by providing your merchant ID and other information needed for setup.

  • Create your PIN shortcode on VoguePay

Before you can start selling your digital product via Joomla, you need to generate the shortcode from VoguePay. To do this, login to your Voguepay account and go to business solutions. 

There process is where you create the setup for how you want the PIN and digital downloads in your VoguePay account to be delivered.

  • Display the product on Joomla.

After creating the payment link and product shortcode from your VoguePay account, you will copy the shortcode and paste it on the article page on your Joomla.

To start accepting, proceed to copy the shortcode or payment link generated from your VoguePay.

NOTE:  the code is in this format: {pdvoguepay} item=”scratch card” | code =”536363782829″ {/pdvoguepay}



As shown below, this is how the Joomla page will display the “buy now” button.



When buyers click to buy, our payment system will manage payment and delivery of the product automatically based on the parameters you used to set it up.


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  1. samuel c onyima

    pls i m not getting paid for my business transaction why pls transfer all my profits now to my local bank account now pls sir, madam pls, mobile +2348[REDACTED]
    urgents thanks

    1. admin

      Hello Samuel. Please note that money do not automatically go to your bank account, you have to initiate a withdrawal request.

      You can follow our detailed guideline for making withdrawal request.

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