Invoice management on VoguePay

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)



Invoice payment feature allows you to create customized invoices or sales orders that can be paid instantly, online.

With this feature you can easily manage all customer invoices.

The system automatically updates the status of invoices whenever payment is received and immediately generate receipts for the transaction. You and your customer will get notifications on the payment.


How to create and manage your invoices on VoguePay

You can create and manage invoices right from your dashboard.

Go to the invoice management tab In order to create you next invoice on VoguePay.  Simply login and go to the “invoice management” tab. There you will see options to create new invoices, save them as a draft and manage them as well.

After creating your invoice you can save it as a draft or send the invoice to the email address of the recipient(s). The recipient will get  mail from VoguePay with instructions on how to make the payment.

When the recipient clicks to pay, your VoguePay wallet will be credited with the transaction and the status will change to paid.


Before you create your next invoice, you can watch the 30 seconds tutorial below.

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  1. Pls I still have challenge to complete the entire process. I was verifying my business account and Kent to pay N1500, but my 3 different ATM card kept failing autentification, pls what do I do now, or is the other alternative. Thank you. AB-Fairland.

  2. I was confused about which invoice management software I should go for and I came across this article, firstly I really like the way you have explained about Voguepay along with the tutorial, which makes it easy to understand. I will definitely try it out, Thank you for providing this useful information.

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