Can I receive international payment and how will it be credited to me?

Yes, you can receive international payment from anywhere in the world.

To enable international gateway on your account, start by downloading and executing the following addendum to the VoguePay Terms and Conditions: (Click here to download the document).


On completion of the form, you are expected to scan and send your feedbacks to the question to us by email to

The international gateway will then be enabled for your business after a satisfactory assessment of your application.

NOTE: The system is comes with auto conversion functionality so any time international payment is made to you the system will automatically convert the amount you received to your local currency and credit it to your account based on the exchange rate on that day. information about our daily exchange rates can be found here 


What are the conditions for accessing international gateway on my account?

As part of the application review, please note that:

  • You must have a verified business account

  • You website must be encrypted with an active SSL (secured socket layer) installed. When you have done this, your website URL will display as https:// instead of the normal http://

  • You must be collecting adequate KYC ( know your customers ) on your website.


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  1. This just made me sad. After registering and becoming a verified user of Vogue, I can’t receive dollars on my website until I under another round of verification on.
    That’s too sad.

    1. admin

      Please note that there is need for additional KYC before you can start accepting international payment.

      You can download the form, fill it with your details to request international gateway access.

      1. What about those who wants to just transfer funds from their dollar accounts to VoguePay before withdrawing it into their account? Do they also have to go register a business with CAC? If yes, that’s too bad.

        1. admin

          Hi Abraham,

          The international gateway access is used to manage transactions (i.e when others want to pay you) If that is what you need to do, you will have to comply with the procedure to enable it as this is part of our KYC obligations.

          On the other hand, if you are referring to transferring your own money in USD to VoguePay before withdrawing it out in Naira, this is what applies.

          1. As at now, VoguePay does not have integration with other 3rd parties to allow you move money from their account to VoguePay (e.g from PayPal to VoguePay). We are hopeful that our upcoming Bitcoin integration can help in such transactions in the near future.

          2. You can send a mail to to know how we approach sending money in USD payment to Naira for collection.

        1. admin

          Hi Chinonso, please note that you do not need CAC certificate to be eligible. As a verified business (see procedure here), you can apply for international gateway. Our team will evaluate your request and demand for any additional document before granting you access to international gateway.

  2. Emmanuel Ekwoh


    Please I want to know how I can set up my website to receive payment in USD without conversion to Naira. I need payments to hit my USD account direct…no conversions. What are the charges that apply in this case?

    1. admin

      Hello emmanuel, at the moment (as a result of CBN policy), merchants in Nigeria are expected to be settled in local currency even if transactions involve FX.

      We will be willing to discuss an approach that can work for your specific need. Please send a mail to for better advice.

  3. I filled the form and sent it back. They couldn’t activate the USD feature because the gateway was unavailable at that moment? That was the response I got sometime last year. Can I retry now?

    1. admin

      Hi, based on your explanation, for your account with default currency as dollar, you might not need to take additional action if your account is verified. For the second account, please follow the guideline in the post.

      Let me know if you have any other question. Its faster to send a mail to

  4. i did all am ask to do but my account is yet to accept dollar and pounds payment. I specifically created my e-commerce site for international online payment if this is not possible I might have to dump you guys for another platform

  5. Good day. my website here in Nigeria uses Dollar as the payment currency. How can my customers make payment using their Naira card? is there anyway i can receive their payment to the equivalent of the Dollar?

    1. admin

      Hi Stephanie,

      To answer your question, your customers can send Naira equivalent of the amount you are charging in USD. However, I will advise that you allow your Nigeria customers to pay in Naira. An easy way to do this is to have two payment buttons for each item you are selling. One will be in Naira while the other will be in USD.

      This arrangement will ensure that will do not convert FX multiple times for the same transaction. (Let me explain this further by sharing a quick lesson on how international payment works).

      1. Let’s assumed that you are based in Nigeria and you accept international transactions.
      2. Since you quoted your goods in USD, your local customers in Nigeria will pay a dollar equivalent. Due to exposure to FX, they will buy the goods at an expensive Naira equivalent. (meaning that they pay more)
      3. When we want to settle the transaction to your VoguePay account, we are obliged to pay the Naira equivalent of the USD transaction into your account. This is due to CBN policy of de-dollarisation. Since we “sell” USD to buy Naira which we remit to you, our rate is below the CBN rate (meaning that you get less)
      4. We also have a higher charge for international transaction than for local transactions. (meaning that you get less)

      This leaves you with a simple decision. Create two buy buttons; let your international users pay you in dollars while users in Nigeria pay you in Naira.

  6. Does vogue pay have android sdk. coz i. couldn\’t find it anywhere.

    Do i need a merchant account to receive payment?

    Under what condition do i need a merchant account.

    is it true that transactions less than N2500 with local cards attracts a transaction fee of only 1.5% ??

    1. admin

      Hi Opeyemi, you do not need a a merchant account to receive payment. I will assume you mean a VoguePay business account that is verified. However, to accept payment in USD, you need to upgrade from personal to business account and request for international payment access See detailed explanation in this guide

      Regarding transaction fees, we charge only 1.5% for transactions below N2500 (and 1.5% + N30 for transactions above N2,500). See more details here.

  7. Good evening my name is Charles, i’ve applied for the international dollar gate way since last week friday and tomorrow is friday making it a week now and i haven’t got a reasonable feedback yet. My company is a Startup, i need all payment gateways functional so incan transact business. All these delays isn’t helping my business at all… i virtually have to call daily to remind you guys about my application. I’ve submitted your verification forms, my company’s CAC, International passport, and other documents i used while opening the Naira gateway.

    1. admin

      Hello Charles, we are sorry you have not got our feedback on application. This will be communicated to you through email. Thank you.

  8. Hi I just submitted my documents for verification purposes, my username is ( I hope that very soon i can accept dollar donations having fulfilled all the necessary requirements for a dollar payment gateway.

    1. admin

      Yes. We will review your application and respond by email.

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