How to setup VoguePay as international payment gateway for forex, crypto and gaming

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2019)


VoguePay is a leading international payment gateway for different business categories including eCommerce, IPTV, forex, crypto and gaming services.

While we offer a minimum transaction fee (i.e merchant deposit rate) of 3.8% + 0.5 for most businesses, merchants categories like  forex, Crypto and gaming services need to confirm sales for pricing.

(Unlike other gateways that charges multiple fees: monthly fees, PCI compliance fees, and more, VoguePay merchants only pay processing fee on successful transactions) 

This rate applies to merchants operating forex, cryptocurrency exchanges, online gaming, gambling, sportsbookers or casino products. Rate also applies to other high-risk businesses like online dating/adult content, digital downloads, auction services and IPTV etc.

List of countries we don’t support.

While we support all these business countries, we exempt some countries from using our services. The countries in our exclusion list are not supported due to challenges in remitting funds to their local banks or because of restrictions on card issued in the country.

You can request for the updated exclusion list in order to confirm the status of your home country.

NOTE: To request for the updated exclusion list, talk to a business support specialist by chatting with us on Facebook.

MY business is eligible, what’s the next step ?

If you have confirmed that your business is eligible, proceed to take the following steps.

Step 1: Create a free account: When you are sure your business is supported, you can proceed to create a business account.

Step 2: Provide KYC documents for verification: Upon completion of signup, proceed to verify your account by uploading means of personal identity, utility bill and business incorporation documents.

Step 3: Integrate our payment gateway: There are numerous ways to integrate our payment gateway to your website. This can be via payment libraries or plugins and API.

Things to note:

  • As part of management practices, a percentage of your balance is maintained as rolling reserves to cater for chargebacks and this is reviewed every 6 months based on number of chargeback incidences.
  • Contact our sales team  for transaction fee that applies to your category.
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold is $1500.  You can withdraw less amount with surcharge (read more)
  • Merchants are required to provide evidence of service delivery (ESD) before making their first withdrawal. ESD can be an invoice or receipt to show that you provide services to customers.

NOTE: A business support specialist is available to provide assistance. You can talk to expert by chatting with us on Facebook.

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  1. Joy

    Hi please does voguepay work in Shopify store and do you process dollar

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Joy, thank you for contacting us, of course, we process dollar transactions but we do not support Shopify at the moment.

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