How to process payment refund requests on VoguePay

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2019)


Just like chargebacks, refund essentially means that your buyer wants the transaction reversed so he/she can get back the money paid to you.

What can cause refunds ?

Your customers can ask for refunds due to a few reasons. Below are some of them.

  • Transaction was not successful but customers was charged for the order.
  • If customer paid multiple times for the same order.
  • The service paid for was not delivered (e.g if merchant is out of stock. Or it could be that the goods are not as advertised).

Sometimes, customers give other reasons apart from the ones stated above. As long as the service has not been delivered, the merchant is expected to honour the refund request.

The difference between refund and chargeback is that, with refund, the customers contact the merchant or VoguePay to initiate the process. While with chargeback, customers submit a complaint via their Bank. Learn more about chargebacks here

What to do when customers ask for refunds

If you need to make a refund to your customer, simply send a mail to Ensure to send the mail with the email associated with your VoguePay account. Provide the transaction ID and indicate if it is a full or partial refund.

  • Partial refund: Part of the payment is refunded. This could be any agreed percentage
  • Full refund: This is a request to refund all the money the customer has paid.

When we receive your message, your voguepay account will be debited and the money sent to the customer. It takes between 2 – 14 working days for the money to reflect on the customers account. Usually, no charges is associated with refunds.

You can also inform your customers to track the status of the refund to their bank with ARN (Acquirer Reference Number). Our support team will work with you to generate this code. You can reach them on

Refund API for merchants with high volume of refund requests.

We understand that some of our merchants might be exposed to higher volume of refund requests. To fast tack the process of authorizing refunds, such merchants can request for access to refund API.

If you fall into that category of merchants, you can send a mail to

In the ticket, simply share with us your expectations about the number of refunds requests you will process. This enables our compliance team to evaluate your request accordingly.

What next ?

When the API is configured for your account, you can access it from the transaction activity tab (direct link)

Each time you need to process refund request, you can easily do that from your dashboard.

  • Step 1: Enter the transaction ID
  • Step 2: Enter amount
  • Step 3: Choose the refund type ( this can be full or partial refunds)
  • Step 4: Click on the button to process refund

Also, from the refund dashboard, you can also see the list of all the refunds you have processed. It displays the status and beneficiary of each refund requests. There is also a search funding you can use to track specific refunds.



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