How to integrate developer codes and earn 30% commission for 2 years.

As a developer, you can earn a percentage of the commission that VoguePay earns on transaction fees when you integrate VoguePay to any website. The developer commission is 30% valid for 2 years.

(Note that developer code is different from affiliate code. While affiliate commission entitles you to 10% earning, developers earch 30%. Click here to learn more about affiliate programme on VoguePay).

How to locate and generate your developer code:

To locate your developer code, you need to be logged in to your VoguePay account. Once you logged in, you can access developer code here or go to CMS tool tab)

Once that is done, you can now generate your develop code by following the step (and prompts). In the dashboard view below, you will notice that I can have insights about the 2 developer codes I have generated including my earnings, transaction available, number of hits, expiry date and status. This helps me to know which of my links is generating revenue for me.


How to integrate your developer code to client website:

The next step is to integrate the developer code to your customers’ site. The method depends on you.

Option 1: If your development is PHP and you are writing the application from scratch, you can integrate using simple HTML form. Simply replace the appropriate line of code with your own developer code that you generated above. Here is the link to the developer page.


I used “Ctrl + F” function to find where to insert the develop code area in the HTML form. Copy this form out and insert it in the appropriate area of your client’s website.

Option 2: If your client site is using any of the open source platforms that VoguePay support in our plugin library, then you simply download the package and install on your client’s website.  During the installation process, you will be prompted to insert your developer code (please note that there is no provision to integrate developer code for WordPress plugin).


If you have further questions, please send a mail to

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