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  1. Goodevening sir and thanks for this wonderful writeup.

    Please I want to know if I can use my International Passport to Verify my Business Account using method 1.

    Also, I currently have a personal account at VoguePay and this writeup said that I cannot perform card funding from personal account. How then can I pay for the Verification Fee?

    Thanks so much for your quality support

    1. admin

      Dear Mr. Frank Umeadi

      Thanks for your comment on the VoguePay blog.

      We wish to let you know that you can verify your business account with a Valid International Passport IF you don’t have a registered business.

      Presently, you cannot perform card funding operation on your personal account but we are seriously working on making that available as soon as possible. To perform any card funding operation, you will need to upgrade your personal account to a business account. Kindly contact on how to do that.

      Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
      If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us via the Blog, Social media pages, and

      Looking forward to hearing from you

      Voguepay Nigeria

    1. Dear sir, you can accept payment from foreign countries with your VoguePay account? If you have further questions, please let us know.

  2. Hello Admin, please how long those it take to be verified? because i have uploaded my business documents, but i don’t know what’s next or how long to wait.

  3. Bolu Jacobs

    Good day! please can I pay merchant outside the country with my personal account? Thanks

  4. Nwokeji Emeka

    good evening sir,
    i just registered on the voguepay but verification of my phone contact didn’t work out. i sent a compliant to a number given in the contact us zone since Monday till date no information.
    Please. i need your help to activate the voguepay account.
    thanks for help and understanding….

    1. admin

      We apologize for the inconvenience, please send an email to or simply send a ticket using the ticket form on the right side bar.

      Thank you

  5. Hello, please I like to know the percentage VoguePay charges withdrawal processing charges.


  6. harrison

    please can i verify my account without CAC certificate

  7. jjj

    in the business verification form method 2,section d business information
    registration number;
    principal id/issuedd/country;
    what are to be placed in the box?,and are the optional,also how many days does it take to verify a account,and if acct is not verified cant the 2500 naira charged be refunded back?

    1. admin

      The detail can be found on the Identity card that you using.

      In case your business verification failed, the sum deducted from your VoguePay wallet will be refunded to your VoguePay wallet and you can withdraw it.

  8. Okechukwu ezeilo

    How do u charge for a naira to dollars transaction, like if I want to send 100$ to a company wat charge do u collect

    1. admin

      The typical amount we advise users to transfer is $1500. This is because the cost to transfer lower funds is high.

  9. Ogundipe

    good morning sir,
    i just registered on the voguepay but verification of my phone contact didn’t work out. i sent a compliant to a number given in the contact us zone .
    Please. i need your help to activate the voguepay account.
    thanks for help and understanding….and if all work how much can i transfer because i want to pay for car in usa

  10. HelloBae

    Using method 2: Is it possible to verify my business account using a temporary National I.D Card or Voters Card? Am yet to receive the permanent one.

    1. admin

      Yes. We accept temporary National ID card only. You can proceed with it to verify your account.

      1. Vick

        I’ve registered 3days ago and yet I’ve not been verified you said it will be verified between 24 to 48 hours.

        1. Vick

          I’ve been verified but it said I should upload utility bills to update my utility status

          1. admin

            This is might be because the utility document you submitted did not might the required KYC. Kindly send a mail to to clarify.

            Thank you.

  11. Veronica

    Hello ..
    Upon verifying my business account.
    Thou I choose to get verified using Government ID .. But I saw the ‘ Certificate Registration Number’ box …

    I do not have such because .. I plan on using my Government ID.

    1. admin

      Please re-initiate this step and ensure you verify with the information you have available.

  12. Orezime Omojefe

    I currently live in the hospital quater and i do not have a utility bill, Can i do the verification with out a utility bill?

    1. admin

      It is OK if you can provide a bank statement that indicates you reside in the given address

  13. Vidon

    Can an under 18 register for Vogue pay and upgrade to a business account using international passport

    1. admin

      You need adequate KYC to operate a business account on Voguepay. Usually, you will be up to 18 years before you can have some of the means of identification. For more about this and instances of exemption, please refers to our terms, for additional assistance

  14. Olusola Olawale

    Hello Admin, I have registered with necessary information on behalf of a non profit organization, but the account is not verified yet, what are the possible reasons and steps to be taken to correct such.

    1. admin

      Hello Olawale, for adequate KYC, we verify each doc submitted for account opening to confirm they are valid. Usually, you should get a feedback within 24-48hours. You can always contact Thank you.

  15. I have been filling the online business registration form since morning, but it’s not responding. Keeps giving me several unnecessary messages, even when I have done everything. I guess it’s deliberate. The company just made the whole registration thing difficult.

    1. admin

      Our registration process is not difficult. In case you have specific difficulty, kindly send mail to to help you resolve the issue. Thank you for using VoguePay.

  16. Billy Enabulele

    Pls what is the percentage charge on Withdrawals from voguepay business account?

    1. admin

      You are welcome Emma, we are glad you found the resource to be useful.

  17. I want to visit your Ikeja Lagos Nigeria office with my int’l passport, nepa bill and NGN2,500 business verification fee to verify my business account in person (offline), i hope it’s allowed?

    I just installed Voguepay plugin in my website, my online store has multiple currencies and when the order procedure reaches Voguepay Payment Gateway, the price will change to naira (not dollar equivalent because my online store default currency is U.S dollar), e.g $1,000 will be showing NGN1,000 instead of NGN600,000 displayed on my website before checking out to Voguepay Payment Gateway, why?

    Is it because my Voguepay Business account has not been verified?

    My website is and

    1. admin

      Hello Mr. Paul, it is OK to visit our office to complete your verification. However, we hope that with our guideline you will be able to fix it on your own. Regarding payment gateways, please note that our USD gateway requires you to apply separately for it after your account has been verified before we can enable the channel for it. Kindly find more information about it here

    1. admin

      Typically, verification takes less than 24 hours. Sometimes, depending on available information, this can be extended beyond that time while our support team engages with the business owner.

      You might want to understand what we do during the verification exercise?

      Basically, we cross-check the documentations provided by the business during the application to confirm they are genuine. We also examine your website to ensure it complies with our internal checks. If there are grey areas to address, we communicate that to the business owner and let the person know the status of the application.

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