How do I integrate VoguePay on my website?

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2019)

You can integrate our free payment buttons/plugins/modules by yourself, even if you are not a developer.

We designed it to be so SIMPLE.

For example, if your website is developed with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce etc, you can pick from our payment library to install appropriate plugin.

  1. To integrate, simple select the payment extension for your site from the dashboard.
  2. You will be prompted to download the files.
  3. When you click on your preferred plugin, you can download to integrate to your site or blog.

Please note that each library has detailed instruction to to set it up. The name and email of the developer are available if assistance is needed. In case there is no available extension that suits your need, you can integrate our API directly.

Use the documentation on our  developer documentation API page .



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    1. admin

      You can use the “Buy Now” button or payment link for your site.

    1. admin

      You can use the VoguePay payment button or VoguePay payment link to receive online payment on your blogspot site

  1. Ezioma

    what % commission does Vogue take from each transaction carried out from their platform

    1. admin

      We have compiled a list of all our fees, including transactions fees – for transparency purposes – you can see it here

  2. After creating the simple html form for integrating vogue pay, what do i do with it? i mean where do i paste it? i am running an online store with woocommerce


    Please I have a classified site built on osclass , how do integrate Voguepay so visitors can pay before they can post an add or pay for premium add

  4. Zohaib

    I want to integrate VoguePay with Reseller club supersite kindly help me .How can i do this.

    1. admin

      Hi Zohaib,

      You can use the command API (see developer section) to integrate with third-party platforms. In case you are not a developer, you can send an email to with link to the website you want to integrate voguePay to. We will advise you accordingly.

  5. Hi, Zohaib. Kindly share your Reseller ID with us so that we can assist you with any queries related to third-party payment gateway integrations.

    Team ResellerClub.

  6. Hello. How can i integrate voguepay on my website so that i can receive payments online. Thanks

    1. admin

      The first step to integrate VoguePay is by signing up for an account, which is FREE.
      You can follow the process described in the post to integrate VoguePay with your account. You can feel free to direct specific questions to us at and we can provide assistance to integrate for you.

  7. I want to integrate vogue pay on my website but I have not been able to even login, why?

  8. Good day. My client make payment of 1950 for unit of 1300 was not credited and you send to my email that transaction is successful. Here is the ID 5a43ae51896a time of transactions was 3.33pm today 27DEC 2017.

    1. admin

      Your enquiry has been sent to support team. Please expect a detailed update

  9. Hello I registered with ur company, I received an email with email activation code but.wen I enter d.code is given invalid code

  10. Abey

    Please where do i use the command api token in my payment integrating

    1. admin

      Command API is used by developers who are writing custom integration with their platform.

      However, we have development several free plugins that are non-developers can use. Please let me know wat platform you want to integrate VoguePay to and I can advise further.

  11. Good day admin, please am working on a campaign website that accept donation/contributions on wordpress but dont have a registered business certificate. How do i do

    1. admin

      Hey Joel, how is the campaign website coming up?

      You can verify your business using your personal details (utility bill and government ID card). Please see details here:

  12. Wisdom

    How do create the donations link and send to my developer to integrate into my website.

  13. Ichidi

    Hey there I went through your developer docs for the integration, but I can’t seem to find how I’m supposed to ask my buyer for card details, like card number, CVC, and expiry date

    1. admin

      Our payment gateway will provide the payment interface your customers will pay into after you havesuccessfully integrated our payment gateway to your website.

      I have sent you a mail for further assistance

  14. Hello admin ,
    I want to ask for some thing, am a blogger and i own many blogs and forum.
    Which am using paypal as my payment method , but has lost many fund there after they banned my acct.
    I need a payment gateway which i will be receiving payment from One of my forum that works with plugins.
    The plugin was coded by the forum support teams.
    And it only support paypal and payza which i have lose money there.
    So am asking if voguepay can contact
    forums.mybb-plugins. com for custom plugin which they collect money before they create any type of plugin needed

    Many Nigerians have been using the forum script including me
    So i will be very happy if voguepay can get in contact with them and work out the plugin; the plugin names are ( Newpoints , Purchase credits and MySubscriptions )
    Moreover i will like to know how to contact you guys privately for more about it
    Hoping to get feedback soon

    1. admin

      Thank you for reaching out. Someone from our team has reached out to you

  15. anthony

    How do i install on magento 1.9.3 i downloaded the magento package but could not install using magento connect. i need a step by step guide to make it seamless

  16. Ayodele Imbu

    Hello Admin. good evening,
    Please I am new to the whole thing happening on your site.
    But my first question is, can I receive and send payment through voguepay without being integrated to any of the payment make easy like Woo commerce, magento, etc?
    Then what is the purpose of integrated after an account has been successfully opened on your site?
    looking forward to read from you.

    1. idorenyin

      Yes, you can receive payment into your wallet even if you do not have a website.

      Can you rephrase your second question?

      We will also like to know what you need the account for, this will enable us guide you appropriately

  17. Hi Please am using a payment link, but before notifying that the payment was successful i.e before going to successful link, I need to update my database that a particular person paid using the person’s login details.

  18. Prince

    I run a Woocommerce store, and my audience are mostly from Europe, I activated the voguepay button but I really don’t understand why it’s not showing on my site.
    Is there anything special am supposed to do?
    Your help will be a great relief. Because am really confused.

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Prince, we have a woocommerce plugin that you can use but if you need a button, kindly send an email to for quick response. Thank you

  19. Columba Udosen

    Please help me , I am confused. It like the interface of your website has change, I can’t understand how to integrate payment button in my website anymore. The last time I use my account for that was in 2016. I am using Dreamweaver software to build my website, how can I set everything starting from the amount of the product, the re-directive page, and other things.

    please help

  20. how long does it take for the business account be activated fully after meeting with all the required documentation?

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Prince, Business account verification usually takes up to 24 hrs to complete the entire process. Kindly endeavour to check your email inbox for notification with regards the status of your verification

  21. ire

    according to your guide on how to install the plugin, i pasted the content of the app folder in the app folder in the magento root but nothings cahanging because the contents have the same file name

    1. Hello Ire, could you please send a screenshot of where you pasted it to our Skype account – The username is voguepay-technical

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  22. i clicked on .Net because i am using MVC framework visual studio…. but can’t see any documentation for that there. I also added the DEMO as my merchant Id but still getting could not locate any records please how do i go about this. here is the snippet of the form i used

  23. Prince Gabriel

    I want to use Voguepay to accept payment for my eBook on my blogger blog.
    Pls help me on how to do that.

  24. please Admin i’m trying to integrate vogue payment gateway on a demo school Portal where students can make school and their detail will be uploaded to the schoolfee table when payment is successful, how can i implement this or integrate ths

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Okpehjoh, my apologies for belated responses, if this has not been resolved, kindly contact our technical team on skype USERNAME: voguepay-technical for further assistance. Thank you for choosing Voguepay.

  25. Jay Flash

    I want to use to receive payment on Sngine

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