How do I integrate VoguePay on my website?

We have created self-to-integrate payment buttons/plugins/modules that do not require any technical skill and facilitate effortless VoguePay integration for your payment processing.

You can choose from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce and 20 other extensions that we support. Using any of this is free. You would find all the information you require for integrating here.


For each of the integration, there are simple guidelines to help you integrate on the blog and their respective download pages.

In case there is no available extension that suits your need, you can integrate our API directly. Use the documentation on our  developer page .

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    1. admin

      You can use the “Buy Now” button or payment link for your site.

    1. admin

      You can use the VoguePay payment button or VoguePay payment link to receive online payment on your blogspot site

  1. Ezioma

    what % commission does Vogue take from each transaction carried out from their platform

    1. admin

      We have compiled a list of all our fees, including transactions fees – for transparency purposes – you can see it here

  2. After creating the simple html form for integrating vogue pay, what do i do with it? i mean where do i paste it? i am running an online store with woocommerce


    Please I have a classified site built on osclass , how do integrate Voguepay so visitors can pay before they can post an add or pay for premium add

  4. Zohaib

    I want to integrate VoguePay with Reseller club supersite kindly help me .How can i do this.

    1. admin

      Hi Zohaib,

      You can use the command API (see developer section) to integrate with third-party platforms. In case you are not a developer, you can send an email to with link to the website you want to integrate voguePay to. We will advise you accordingly.

  5. Hi, Zohaib. Kindly share your Reseller ID with us so that we can assist you with any queries related to third-party payment gateway integrations.

    Team ResellerClub.

  6. Hello. How can i integrate voguepay on my website so that i can receive payments online. Thanks

    1. admin

      The first step to integrate VoguePay is by signing up for an account, which is FREE.
      You can follow the process described in the post to integrate VoguePay with your account. You can feel free to direct specific questions to us at and we can provide assistance to integrate for you.

  7. I want to integrate vogue pay on my website but I have not been able to even login, why?

  8. Good day. My client make payment of 1950 for unit of 1300 was not credited and you send to my email that transaction is successful. Here is the ID 5a43ae51896a time of transactions was 3.33pm today 27DEC 2017.

    1. admin

      Your enquiry has been sent to support team. Please expect a detailed update

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