How do I integrate VoguePay on my website?

We have created self-to-integrate payment buttons/plugins/modules that do not require any technical skill and facilitate effortless VoguePay integration for your payment processing.

You would find all the information you require for integrating here AND the developer info here too

For the mobile version please follow this link and click on Mobile/Server-to-server API.

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    1. admin

      You can use the “Buy Now” button or payment link for your site.

    1. admin

      You can use the VoguePay payment button or VoguePay payment link to receive online payment on your blogspot site

  1. Ezioma

    what % commission does Vogue take from each transaction carried out from their platform

    1. admin

      We have compiled a list of all our fees, including transactions fees – for transparency purposes – you can see it here

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