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    1. admin

      Please refer to this guide:

  1. I try to signingup vogue, i field all but i dont the security code, pls help with code.

    1. admin

      Sorry for the inconvenience ibrahim. You need to input the security code before you can sign up.

    1. admin

      Dear Sophia, for accounts domiciled in Nigeria, you are required to request for international payment gateway access before you can be enabled to accept payment in other currencies. Please see guidelines here

  2. Please explain this:
    Please note that when composing an email message to be sent to the buyer, the parameter {{PRODUCT}} should be used to denote where the download link would appear

    1. admin

      Dear Sophia, it appears you are making a reference to the article on PIN and digital downloads. As the article advised, you are expected to insert {{PRODUCT}} in the body of the email you will send to your customers. Our system recognizes the code and will replace it with the link to the product.

      Here an example (let’s say you are writing an email)


      Thank you for paying for for ebook, “5 things to do with your life”
      Your payment has been received. To download the book, click here {{PRODUCT}}

      Thank you,


      As you can see, I inserted the {{PRODUCT}} code where the user will click to download the book

  3. Simon

    Dear admin. I have been trying to add funds to my account through credit card but its saying cannot process form.

    1. admin

      Thank you for getting in touch on this issue. It has been resolved.

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