A guide for choosing international payment gateway for any type of business (including high risks categories)

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2019)


The world is becoming a global village.
To compete globally, you need a payment gateway that supports your global ambition to accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world. In order to pick the right payment gateway, make sure that it can process payment real-time, and have back-office functionalities with adequate customer support.

This perfectly describes VoguePay.com.

VoguePay: the international payment gateway

VoguePay is a fully operational, multi-channel electronic transaction switching and payment processing platform. Our award winning, robust payment gateway is for international merchants that want receive payment from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Our robust payment gateway enables merchants to be settled in their own currency while giving the flexibility to their customers who want to pay in their own currencies. VoguePay works with merchants across a wide range of industries to send and receive payment.

As a payment engine for businesses classified as low and high-risk merchants, our turn-key payment solution has a suite of free integrations that make it ideal for B2B and B2C businesses that want to launch to a global audience at an affordable cost.

Over 85,000 merchants consider our gateway as the perfect payment partner for their global businesses. We are a globally-recognized PCI DSS level 1 security-compliant payment service provider. This means that you benefit from our expert knowledge in reducing chargebacks and associated risks involved in receiving payment online and getting settled.

Below, I present uses cases for 3 international business audiences that we serve.

1.. VoguePay is International Payment Gateway For High Risk Merchants

If you operate a business classified as high risk you suddenly realize that your options for payment gateways to integrate are limited. We have heard from some of our merchants that the big two gateways (PayPal and Stripe) shut down their accounts.

Even though these companies are global payment gateways, neither of them is a good fit as:

  • Payment solution for Forex
  • Payment solution for Crypto
  • Payment solution for high risk business
  • Payment solution for Online gamings
  • Payment solution for Online dating/adult content
  • Payment solution for some types of digital downloads
  • Payment solution for Casino
  • Payment solution for Auction services

And it is not only the big two (PayPal and Stripe) that are guilty of this. Many global payment solutions deny merchants because of the high rates of charge-backs and frauds. Other payment gateways that on board such merchants charge highly ridiculous fees on long-term contracts. 

Other payment gateways reject high risk business…at VoguePay here’s how we work with you.

Unlike the other payment processors, VoguePay makes it easy for your type of businesses to accept payment securely. 

To be able to do this, we deployed a fit-for-purpose payment gateway.  It enables merchants to adequately manage payment risks with our risk evaluation algorithm that reduce their exposure. For example, beyond the typical security checks, every VoguePay transaction passes through five levels of assurance for Know Your Customer (KYC) and a high algorithm of fraud rules to manage risks and address chargebacks in order to keep both merchants and customers secure.

One of the reasons that businesses considered to be high risk use our payment gateway is because we share with them our risk assessment system in order to assist them in improving their operations too. 

Below are some of the advantages that businesses classified as high risk get when they use VoguePay.

Benefits of using VoguePay payment gateway for “high risk” businesses

  • Enjoy global coverage.
  • Accept local and international transactions on our secure payment gateway
  • Swift onboarding process.
  • Prompt settlement. Within days.
  • Zero limit on transaction volume
  • Zero limit per ticket size of transactions.
  • Privacy for your customers
  • Ease of integration and comprehensive eCommerce support.
  • No month-to-month contract.
  • Very competitive fees on your successful transactions. 

Running a high risk business ? Here’s how to get started on VoguePay

STEP 1: Create your free VoguePay account.

STEP 2: Get assistance to setup up your account and integrate API. You can Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.


2. VoguePay is International Payment Gateway Partner For Payment Aggregators (PSPs)

What are PSPs ?

They are payment service providers. In order words, they too are payment gateways that work with multiple processors. VoguePay welcomes existing payment gateways and aggregators that want to expand their footprints to plug into our system.

The advantage of this relationship is that they do not need to invest in new infrastructure, open offices and hire workforce. They simply plug into VoguePay’s white label solution.


Our white-label payment solution is a customized gateway package that makes it easy for existing PSP to setup our free API integration to accept payment. It gives you the flexibility of setting your own prices as well as profit sharing on transaction fees.

Need whitelabel payment gateway ? Here’s how to get started on VoguePay

STEP 1: Create your free VoguePay account.

STEP 2: Get assistance to setup up your account and integrate API. You can Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.


3. VoguePay is International payment gateway partner for Crypto and Forex platforms developer and web design agency

Do you provide software platform or develop websites for cryptocurrency and FOREX trading websites ?

If yes. You might have noticed 2 things.

  • Number 1:  More trading platforms for cryptocurrency and Forex are being released to the market. This means crypto and Forex exchangers are changing platform providers more often than before.  
  • Number 2: Demands for web development services might be reducing as emerging exchangers choose freelancer or pick a website template to develop their website instead of choosing your service.

So, in this situation how do you position your product and services ?

The best option is to offer a full suite of services to make your offer sticky. For some providers, this means offering marketing strategies, providing assistance with lead acquisition and throwing in some consulting perks. All these are good add-ons, unfortunately, because these are added to make your offer attractive, it is not guaranteed to increase your profit margin per customer.

But, with VoguePay aggregator program, you can provide additional value to your crypto and FOREX customers while making more margins.

There are 2 options:

1. Integrate VoguePay payment API natively into your product:

When you integrate our payment API to your forex and crypto applications or open-source product, you instantly improves the value of the product to end-user. Hence, your customers will be willing to pay more for it as they can now receive payment from anywhere globally. Our gateway accepts all card payment. You can check out our full suite of libraries and documentation guide on how to integrate.

In addition, you can also make additional revenue from our aggregator programme that entitles you to commission sharing on every transaction fee VoguePay receives from payments processed.

2. Refer your crypto and Forex clients to use VoguePay.

As fintech application developer and web development agency for crypto and forex, you can also introduce your existing clients to VoguePay. Our aggregator program rewards you with profit sharing when merchant starts to accept payment.

To refer them, you simply write a letter of introduction via email to introduce the merchants and our team will take it up from there. You can also provide assistance to help them set up their account (with guidance from our team).

The VoguePay aggregator programme is ideal for crypto and forex web agencies that have existing clients who need payment integration to accept payments in Africa and other parts of the world. You simply monetize the relationship you have with your clients when they sign up to use our payment gateway.

Here are the steps to join the aggregator programme.

Becoming a payment aggregator partner for Forex and crypto businesses works best when you have good knowledge how our payment solution works.

Want to join VoguePay aggregator programme ?

Schedule a session with our product team. Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.

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