ERROR MESSAGE: Showing “EXCEED” error message

The error message, “Exceed” implies that the transaction was declined by the bank because the limit set on the card for daily payment is exceeded.

Kindly contact your bank for assistance

However, you can read more about our Account Categories and transaction limits.

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    I have not been able to pay through my FIRST BANK ATM for sometime, any problem? All I see is

    Dear User
    Your payment with transaction ID 5929515fea478 at VoguePay on 2017-05-27 returned FAILED.

    Please find details below:

    Transaction ID: 5929515fea478

    1. admin

      There are several reasons that card transactions fail. often times, the reason is that the card is not activated for online transaction. Kindly confirm if you can use your card for online payment and we will be able to help further.

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