What is notification URL and how do I enable it on VoguePay?

Notification URL is where the user needs to be redirected to on completion of the payment process. VoguePay knows the status of the transactions your website passes through our gateway and wants to make this information available to you and your customers.

There are standard notification response for transactions on VoguePay. This include:

1. Success URL: This is the URL you want to send users to when transaction is returned as successful. You can choose where this page directs to. For digital products, this could be the product access page

2. Failure URL: This is the URL you want to send users to when transaction is returned as failed. We are building our API to supply more information on the reasons for the failures of such transaction when you query it via API.


How to set up Notification URL.

Fill the notifications URLs you desire and also enable notification API (set it to YES). Kindly follow this guide to enable your notification URLs

  1. Login to your account
  2. On the Menu Dashboard, Click on Settings and account settings
  • Select API/Payment Settings
  • Enter your desired notification method


Notification URL

Please note that if you leave the notification URL boxes empty, your customers won’t get specific information or be notified of the status of the transaction.

Additional info for developers:

As a developer, you can indicate your notification URL by following this guide as this will allow your script to receive XML notifications from our system regarding the status of the transactions.

Also note that you can query more information regarding each transaction using the notification/order process API info available on the developer page.



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