How to handle reversal or chargebacks on VoguePay

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)


What is chargeback ?

A chargeback or reversal is when the money that has been credited to your VoguePay wallet is removed in response to customer or bank’s chargeback requests.

Please note that chargeback requests can happen before or after the maturity period of the funds.

What can cause chargebacks for me ?

Chargeback requests usually happens when:

  • Your buyer/customers do not receive the value “as promised” by vendor  – or in cases where someone’s card was billed without his/her permission for the purchase. Such a buyer can reach out directly to VoguePay or approach their banks to seek reversal of the transaction.
  • In another case, the Bank can inform VoguePay of transactions considered to be fraudulent. For such transactions, an evidence of service delivery is required and if not provided such transaction will be reversed.
  • The last type is a situation whereby the Bank instantly reverses transactions if suspected to be fraudulent. VoguePay account will be debited of the amount which we will also remove from the amount in your wallet.

How Voguepay Mediates Reversal Or Charge Backs Requests

When we receive chargeback requests from Banks or customers, we send email to our merchants to notify them.

Our role is the mediator and we are guided by the protection policy that gives buyers the right to dispute a transaction and request a chargeback while also giving sellers the right to amicably resolve the issues within the limits of the law.

We work with merchants, customer and other financial institutions to mediate a fair resolution between all parties. To protect both buyers and merchants, we usually collaborate with the bank to carry out transaction audit.

We ask merchants to respond withing 24-hour to the chargeback request with evidence of service delivery.

The standard ESD formats can be:

  1. Waybill

  2. Invoice

  3. Receipt.

Any of these ESDs should include details like phone number, email address and any relevant info that may also be provided to us in order to carry out transaction audit.

(NOTE: Merchant needs to provide evidence of service delivery within stipulated time)

For more details of our protection policy, please see our official terms of service (section 5)

How to prevent reversal/chargeback

To prevent cases of charge back or reversal requests, we will advise that you:

  1. Send your customers receipts as proof that service is rendered.
  2. Communicate your service delivery time and policies so your customers can have clear expectations about your services
  3. Have details of your customers (KYC) so you can easily reach them when they have concerns.
    Have your contact information on your website for your customer to communicate with you.

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